To become a fitness specialist where you are able to work more closely with allied health professionals and specific needs clients, the qualification you will need is a Diploma of Fitness. With a Diploma of Fitness you will have the highest vocational (non-university) qualification available providing you with a range of exciting career outcomes, including:

  • Working within Fitness or sports facilities as a fitness specialist
  • Working with Allied Health Professionals (AHP’s) as a wellness coordinator
  • Working within fitness facilities as a Rehabilitation Liaise with AHP’s
  • Working with Strength and Conditioning / Sports Trainers
  • Working within fitness facilities in management

Entry Requirements for the Diploma:

  • Completion of Cert III and IV in Fitness

Course Overview

The Diploma of Fitness is the course for the aspiring fitness professional who wants it all!

For the student who wants to separate themselves from the ordinary and be considered extraordinary, the Diploma of Fitness provides the platform to make it happen!

The Diploma of Fitness will take you through a higher level of education, exploring the human body and its systems in a detail not previously seen in a fitness specific qualification.

With the Diploma of Fitness you will see what is involved in working closely with Allied Health Professionals to help manage clients who present with moderate risk injuries or conditions.

The management of cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders and respiratory conditions are just some of the skills you will learn as you progress with your studies.

The course will also emphasise the importance of injury prevention and rehabilitation techniques that can be applied with clients as needed.

Using the same sophisticated, state of the art and innovative learning platform as already experienced in the Certificate II and IV studies, the Diploma of Fitness will allow you, as a fitness professional to reach the pinnacle of the fitness industry, and will result in you becoming the ultimate expert in exercise prescription and client management!

What Will I Learn?

Addressing Client Needs in the Fitness Industry

  • SISXCCS404A - Address Client Needs


Research Methods in Sports Science

  • SISFFIT528A - Apply research findings to exercise management strategies


Chronic Disease and the Promotion of Health

  • SISFFIT527A - Undertake health promotion activities to decrease risk factors and prevent chronic disease


Exercise for Metabolic Conditions

  • SISFFIT524A - Deliver prescribed exercise to clients with metabolic conditions


Exercise for Cardiorespiratory Conditions

  • SISFFIT523A - Deliver prescribed exercise to client with cardiorespiratory conditions


Musculoskeletal Injuries and Rehabilitation

  • SISFFIT525A - Advise on injury prevention and management
  • SISFFIT526A - Deliver prescribed exercise to client with musculoskeletal conditions


Exercise for Clients with Neurological Conditions

  • SISFFIT529A - Deliver prescribed exercise to clients with a disability or neurological impairment


Exercise for Moderate Risk Children, Adolescents and Older Adults

  • SISFFIT530A - Deliver prescribed exercise to children and young adolescents with specific chronic conditions
  • SISFFIT531A - Deliver prescribed exercise to older clients with chronic conditions


High Performance Training Strategies

  • SISSSCO513 - Plan and implement high performance training and recovery programs


Planning and Conducting Projects

  • SISXIND405A - Conduct Projects


Advanced First Aid

  • HLTFA402C - Apply advanced first aid

SIS30310 SIS40210 SIS50210

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