Be a Personal Trainer Trained Properly and Live Your Dream!

Onfit’s Personal Trainer courses are designed to prepare you for the real world. Onfit’s most popular course is the combined Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness for those wanting to start work in the fitness industry for the first time.

Onfit offers you industry experienced teachers, personal training courses with the most current concepts and the latest learning technologies.

To become a Personal Trainer the minimum requirement is Cert IV in Fitness. Your Personal Trainer Qualification lets you live your dream working in the fitness industry with a variety of personal training career options available.

  • Run your Personal Training business from your own studio
  • Take one on one or group sessions at the park or beach
  • Be a Personal Trainer working with corporate groups
  • Run your business renting space in a gym
  • Work as a Personal Trainer with sporting teams
  • Train clients in their own homes
  • Become a children’s trainer
  • Find your niche training the Over 50′s
  • Work with clients with health concerns or considerations

Your Personal Training certificate is not just a piece of paper. The Onfit Personal Training Certification gives you the knowledge, ability and confidence to make a difference doing what you love, helping individuals and helping the community.

Course Overview

With 15 competencies neatly packaged into 8 dynamic subjects our interactive online Cert IV goes into detail on topics such as:   strategies for success, programming for athletes -both on and off season, how to minimise and prevent injuries, and specific programming for managed conditions such as pregnancy and diabetes. You’ll also learn how to work with Allied Health Professionals such as physios and GP’s to ensure your clients get professional support using a team approach.

Not only will you learn about these (and many other) key industry topics, but using the state of the art online portal, you will be immersed in the world of the personal trainer through interactive case studies and ‘real world’ assessments in which you master the daily challenges all personal trainers face in creating a client base, developing strong and lasting relationships, keeping clients motivated and identifying when programs need to be changed.

Using the same successful strategies as we do in our Cert III, the Cert IV theory can be studied anywhere, anytime, and you can review the material as many times as you like.  Onfit’s courses can be viewed on mobile devices such as I Pads as well as on computers. At Onfit you will also be allocated an online e-Tutor to support you as you study.

*If you feel you learn better with a bit more face to face support, ask us about our blended courses which include classroom learning.

Whichever option you choose, the professional team at Onfit will support you on your journey and your experience will be enriched using interactive online tools, videos, quizzes and demonstrations.

While most assessments are completed online, no Personal Training course would be complete without practical experience too.  Practical placement in the industry is an important part of preparing yourself for your new career. We encourage you to seek out placements at gyms or clubs you want to work at, as many of our students are offered employment as a result of their work experience. Our easy to follow workplace log book helps you put your knowledge into practice with fitness professionals who walk the talk! Finally, when you feel ready, you can either (1) attend two workshops with us at the Brisbane or Gold Coast campus or (2) film yourself completing the practical tasks we need to see in order for you to complete your qualification.

You‘ll have a full year in which to complete your Certificate IV in Fitness before you graduate and  go on to start your career as a quality personal trainer,  making a positive difference to the lives of your clients. What could be more rewarding? Go on; take the next step to LIVE YOUR DREAM!

What Will I Learn?

Applying Exercise Science Skills to Personal Training

  • SISFFIT419A - Apply exercise science principles to planning exercise


Skills of the Personal Trainer

  • SISFFIT417A - Undertake long term exercise programming
  • SISFFIT418A - Undertake appraisals of functional movements
  • SISFFIT420A - Plan and deliver exercise programs to support desired body composition outcomes
  • SISFFIT421A - Plan and deliver personal training


Psychology of Health and Fitness

  • SISFFIT416A - Apply motivational psychology to provide guidance on exercise behaviour and change to meet health and fitness goals


Older Adults Fitness Training

  • SISFFIT314A - Plan and deliver exercise to older adults with managed conditions


Working with Allied Health Professionals

  • SISFFIT415A - Work collaboratively with medical and allied health professionals


Operating a Small Fitness Business

  • BSBSMB401A - Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business
  • BSBSMB403A - Market the small business
  • BSBSMB404A - Undertake small business planning


Strength and Conditioning

  • SISSSTC301A - Instruct strength and conditioning techniques
  • SISSSTC402A - Develop strength and conditioning programs


Sports Injury Assessment and Management

  • SISSSPT302A - Provide initial management of sports injuries
  • SISSSPT305A - Support sports injury management

SIS30310 SIS40210 SIS50210

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