Get the Edge on Future Employment

It all starts with a simple but completely effective curriculum vitae.

The most important thing about your CV is that it contains what they need to know and nothing more.   A well constructed email address is essential, as well as a reliable source for the server in which your emails are kept.  Find yourself a proven email server and have you first and last name separated by an underscore. does not get jobs.

What happens after your details? Job history and references are the two big factors that will also make or break your interview chances.  Job history needs to be relevant to the role that you are applying for.  If you have had one thousand jobs, not all of them need to be mentioned.

References work the same as job history realistically. Your success story references should be the only ones you include. If you’re unsure about the referee, simple, do not include them.

At the interview, look the part and you will feel the part. Appearance will give you the confidence to look like you belong in the interview and when you know mentally that you should be there, the performance of your interview is almost certain to rise.

You only get what you give and interviews are the same in regards to that rule. When you treat them with respect you will get it back and it will be reflected with confidence in your answers and a presence that people will be happy to pay you money for, because they know you’re right for the job!


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