Moving With The Times

Inevitably the future of the fitness industry lies in working strongly with the community. Moving our own business to within the walls of the PCYC, highlights our future commitment to this direction, and is one we are very proud of.

Online Fitness has evolved from the history of fitness education in Australia, but now leads the way in creating new pathways to a better future, through innovation, passion and the right intention from the beginning.

We have a fabulous team of staff who can help you realize your dream of a new, rewarding career. Becoming a personal trainer changes people’s lives – yours and every client’s you work with. What could be more exciting? For more information on how you can become a ‘personal trainer trained properly’, call us at Online Fitness.

Don & Rhonda Bacchi


Are you a qualified personal trainer looking to add some excitement to your training sessions? Or are you currently studying to become a personal trainer and looking for new ideas to add to your arsenal? Either way, have you considered...

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