Blended Learning With Online Fitness

Our new and exciting blended style of learning is a combination of both our Online Fitness web portal and Face to Face tutorials, enabling courses to be active and engaging with on and offline learning experiences.

The aim is to encourage students to be active learners by using online technologies to enable or support learning activities that continue outside of the lecture hall, classroom or lab, and encourage students to arrive in class well prepared.

The Online Fitness Portal is a brand new style of self-paced learning and will be the first of its kind within the fitness industry.  You have on-line access to all resources, and will be able to work through your qualifications at your own pace.  Not only are the resources on-line, all of your assessments are completed online with you receiving your results within a couple of minutes of completion.

  • Combine this fantastic new way of learning with a weekly Saturday morning tutorial and you will certainly be a ‘Personal Trainer Trained Properly’ and industry ready at the end.
  • Saturday morning tutorials are a fantastic way to keep you motivated and on-track while completing your self-paced studies.  You will be able to:
  • Answer any questions you have regarding the information in the courseLearn further information from your educator and your peersarticipate in practical workshops
  • Learn what is happening in the industry from various guest presenters

Contact the College by phoning 1300 557 637  or emailing admin@onfit.com.au to find out more about the next course commencement dates and get on your way to a fulfilling career in personal training today!


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