Location, Location, Location

Welcome to our new location.  Online Fitness is now conveniently located at the Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) in Milton.  You may not know exactly where it is, however if we were to mention Lang Park or Suncorp Stadium….  We can hear the ‘ah’ from here. 

Our physical address is Castlemaine Street, Milton; a central location easily accessible by public transport (bus & train), car (on-street parking), and for the fit it’s a quick stroll/run/jog from the CBD.

Thank you to our friends at the PCYC. With their help, Online Fitness has been able to make smooth transition from our previous location.  Sergeant Tony Catania and his team, including the various community groups which use the centre, have been exceptionally supportive, welcoming and helpful.  From all the staff and students of Online Fitness we say Thank you. 

Our students will benefit from the fantastic facilities available to them for practical experience.  Fully equipped gym, cardio theatre, SPIN room, aerobics room, basketball court and boxing equipment are all part of the facilities.

Speak with PCYC reception, located on Level 3, to enquire about the minimal cost utilise the facilities outside of class hours.


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