Are You Being Served?

In the current age of modern technologies, we are fast losing touch with one very important aspect to business – Customer Service!

Customer Service has the ability to affect your business in either a positive or negative manner dependant on the suitability and level you are providing to your clients. 

You yourself have experienced both negative and positive customer service, which one sticks in your mind more? 

Which one do you talk to your friends more about? 

To generalize, most people will remember and speak about a bad experience rather than an exceptional experience and from this the 10/10 rule applies.  They tell 10 people, who in turn tell 10 people, etc.  As you can see, it doesn’t take long for word to spread which in time will have a noticeable effect on your business.

One of the best ways to pinpoint a starting level of customer service is to ask yourself the question “If I was my client, how will I like to be looked after?”  As all clients are individual, you will need to tailor your customer service to each client, much like we do with exercise programming. 

Don’t forget to keep the core elements, as decided from your question to yourself, consistent and tailor any add-on features to your clients from here.  Consistency in core is the key!

You will notice a marked benefit to your business from providing a consistent level of customer service that is also tailored to the individual.

 The growth from this will not be as quick as the loss from negative customer service, however as the adage goes – All good things come to those who wait!


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