How Can I Study?


(Classroom*) (*includes full access to the online course)

Face to Face is the ideal way to learn for those who want to fast track their course and for those who enjoy the personal and immediate support of teachers and other students. Course numbers are controlled to ensure that you as a student have a high level of contact with your teachers, and that your individual learning needs are recognised.

During your courses you will enjoy the added benefits that come with working with a motivated   group of energetic like-minded people.  We have access to a great range of facilities at our PCYC locations, so you can embrace a balance of lessons with practical sessions that make you a “Personal Trainer Trained Properly.”

Full Time Option (Mon – Fri)

  • The Certificate III in Fitness – 4 weeks (plus work placement)
  • The Certificate IV in Fitness – 4 weeks (plus work placement)

Part Time Option (2 nights per week)

  • The Certificate III in Fitness course – 13 weeks (plus work placement)
  • The Certificate IV in Fitness Course – 13 weeks (plus work placement)


Not all students can sit in a classroom and fully grasp the information and concepts presented.  As the saying goes:  “The brain can only take in what the seat can endure.”

As an online student you can fully focus on the material in front of you and spend as long as you need to absorb the information. The materials are presented with lessons containing slide presentations, voice overs, side notes, quizzes, and online interactive assessments that are marked instantly!

Delivery of the modules in this fashion prevents you from being overwhelmed by information overload, and lets you progress at your own pace.  


Do you like to scribble your own notes, and circle key points on paper to make your study more effective? Then having the hard copy of resources will definitely work for you.

All the benefits of online study are coupled with this additional layer of ‘concrete’ information you can take with you anywhere. You will receive a full set of resources – separate booklets for every unit, and a fabulous anatomy revision book. You will also receive a text book which you will find invaluable for years to come!


(The Online Course + Classroom learning)

Combine the Online Fitness Course with a weekly classroom session and you have our brand new style of blended learning. You have online access to all resources, and will be able to work toward your qualifications at your own pace.  Not only are the resources online, all of your assessments are too with you receiving your results within a couple of minutes of completion.

Add our Saturday morning tutorials and you have a fantastic way to keep you motivated and on-track with your studies. In these sessions, you will have the ability to:

  • Ask any questions you have regarding the information in the course
  • Learn further information from your educator and your peers
  • Participate in practical workshops
  • Learn what is happening in the industry


If you don’t have access to a computer we can still provide you with your course materials in the traditional ‘see and feel’ hard copy resources. You can begin whenever you like and enjoy the support from teachers and staff throughout your learning.


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