Gaining Credit For Your Previous Studies

This is an interesting fact for people that are interested in getting started in the fitness industry.  You may be eligible to gain credit for your fitness qualifications from previously completed studies.  There are a couple of ways to go about this:

  1. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for those people that not yet working in the industry, OR
  2. Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) for those people that have completed previous studies or are currently working in the industry and are needing to update their qualifications for registration.

Both RPL and RCC are great ways for interested people to increase their skill and knowledge sets and are both based on your worth within the industry.  The process for both is the same and a qualified staff member from Online Fitness will certainly be able to guide you through the steps required for you to start the upskilling process.

What we require from your side of things, is a copy of all of your education that you feel is relevant to your case.  Ideally we require a course outline to enable us to credit map this efficiently.  Also, have a think about any work experience that may lend itself to the process and provide that as well along with any exercise programs, health screens, strength and conditioning programs, stretch routines, anything at all that will show us your level of understanding of the theory behind the fitness industry.

This may be a good way for you to see what you’re worth within the fitness industry!


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