Jo’s Motivational Thursday – Part 2

Step 1: 

Why do we struggle to understand that we are the most important person in our life? 

If we put ourselves before everyone else why is this perceived as selfish? 

For years I have been helping people and more specifically women to understand and appreciate that the more time and energy they invest into themselves the better they will in turn be as a partner (wife), mother and as an individual. 

It has been my experience that many of us put off till tomorrow what we should be doing today because our priorities become muddled.  The things I am referring to are the basic and simple things that have been proven to make our lives more balanced and happy and yet are the very first things to be neglected when we are stressed and busy. 

Some of these things are: 

  • Regular exercise
  • Healthy and Nutritious eating
  • Sleep
  • Positive recreation activities
  • Improved education
  • Family time
  • Social activities

Reflect over the last 168 hours (your last week) and see how you rated at looking after you.  

What areas need to be improved? 

 Your challenge for the next 168 hours is to see if you can achieve some of the following suggestions: 

1/ 30 minutes of activity everyday (or at least schedule in 100 mins of movement over the next 168 hours (that means setting aside between 2- 4 of those hours to look after your mind and body through exercise).

 Now what will we do with the other 164 hours? 

2/ Spend some time (around ½ an hour) working out what foods you are going eat in the next 7 days – ensure that you have plenty of colourful foods to eat (fruit and vegetables) a great place to start is with the 5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit every day. 

Once you have worked out what you are going to eat you will need to set aside some time to visit your local shops to put this plan into action.  

3/ Sleep is a very individual thing and how much or how little you find works for you is something you probably already know.  What is a fact is that we need a minimum of 4 hours – you will most likely find that you feel more energized with around 7-8 hours. 

The good news is that if you miss out on some you can catch up the next night! 

4/ Block out at least one day for relaxation and recreational activities – go and do something that you love doing and enjoy every minute of this time!  

5/ Spend a minimum of 1 hour in the next week reading, watching or researching a topic that you are interested in learning more about.  There are a large number of DVD’s which tell true stories that will educate you and most likely inspire you at the same time. 

6/ You may have already taken care of this one if point 4 involves some of the people in your life that you care about – if not then block out just 1 hour in the next 168 to either phone, text, email or make a face to face visit to someone in your family.

 Never take for granted the people in your life who love you unconditionally. 

7/ In the next month set aside a day and time to get together with friends – arrange a get together such as a BBQ or picnic.  

These things will not take up much of your time – however they will make the biggest difference to how you feel about yourself.  Take charge of your priorities and invest in you.

 Once you have achieved some or all of these suggestions then reflect on your self talk and how you are feeling about yourself.  It is my promise that you will be feeling more empowered which will drive you forward to achieve bigger and better things. 

When you have the basic things in life happening as a habit (which takes between 20-30 times/days) then you will be better positioned to handle the curve balls that life can throw at you. 

Have fun and remember to smile!  Tune in next week for the next step…. 

Love Jo


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