Struggling to find ways to fit in physical activity to your lifestyle?

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We came across this article on the website: ‘Incidental exercise’ can burn more calories than you think!

Tips For Getting Enough Physical Activity

Being active every day helps you manage your weight. It helps you burn those kilojoules just a little more. Aim to accumulate 30 minutes of moderate intensity, physical activity as part of your daily routine. Gardening, washing the car, and taking the stairs all count. It’s easier to stick with a plan if you pick activities you like and enjoy. Here are some tips to help put some fun into your fitness routine:
• If you have kids, get them involved by finding activities the whole family can do – walk, bike, rollerblade, fly a kite, swim, play tennis or basketball.
• How about a weekly family fun night? Try bowling, skating, hitting the gym together, taking a walk after dinner or playing football in the garden.
• Plan active holidays. Head to the beach, river or countryside and go exploring!
• Weight-bearing exercise may help strengthen bones and slow the rate of bone loss. Exercises that are weight bearing include walking, jogging, dancing, playing tennis, soccer or basketball, skipping and aerobic dance.
• If you’re time-pressed, you can accumulate activity in 10 minute spurts instead of at one long session, however, at least 20 minutes continuous activity is better.
• If you are sedentary, gradually become active. Be sure to check with your doctor before you begin an exercise program.
• Find out how many kilojoules you burn when undertaking your favourite sports and activities, using our kilojoule burn calculator.