Jo’s Motivational Thursday – Part 4

Welcome to another week … how did you go with last week’s challenge?

 Hopefully you are a little closer to finding out what is really important to you and why.

 This week the focus will be on how to set yourself up for success every time you set a goal regardless of the outcome.

 The secret to this is one very simple word – Attitude!  An easy word to say and an easy word to spell but not always as easy to implement the right one!

 It has been noted that most of us suffer from a very serious disease called “procrastination”.  The best excuse for procrastinating is that we may not be sure if making a decision will take us closer to what we ultimately want to achieve.

 Newsbreak:  Everything you do will take you closer to what you want – even if it is the realization that it is not the right way for you!

 “What?” I hear you ask…. please bear with me as I explain.

 I once had someone describe making a decision to take action as if they were standing at a fork in the road.  They could see two possible paths and did not know which one to take.  They thought either path could take them towards their goal but were not completely convinced which path was the best to take.  Here is my advice – just pick one and try! 

 What is the worst that will happen? You will discover this is not the path for you and then you can journey back to the fork in the road and try the other.

 Question:  Will you have still learnt valuable things on the way down the 1st path? 

Of course you will have and better still you could later on be able to assist someone else to take that path if it is in line with what they want to achieve? 

 Every thing that happens in your life can be seen as a positive regardless of the outcome.  It is up to you how you choose to perceive things – this is a conscious process.

 Here is a quick list of questions to help you stay on track with your goals no matter what life is throwing at you:

 1/ What can I learn from what is happening right now?

 2/ How many times have I felt like this before and can now look back at those times and    

    see the life lesson I learnt and even laugh about it?

 3/ Will this make me stronger? Wiser? A better person?

 A positive attitude goes a very long way to helping us deal with challenges and let’s be honest, it is not difficult to have a positive attitude when everything is going the way that we want.

 The true measure of a person is how they deal with adversity and tough times.

 Here is to you being a ‘glass half full’ person as opposed to a ‘glass half empty’ person.

 Have a great week.

 JoJo - Gold Coast Lecturer


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