PCYC and Online Fitness working in synergy to help the community




PCYC and Online Fitness

Working in synergy to help the community 

Qld Police Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) are renowned for their exceptional contribution to the community through their sporting, recreation, cultural and welfare programs.

A major objective of the PCYC is to promote healthy lifestyles and to address the child obesity epidemic that is affecting a large percentage of our children.

PCYC has taken its first step to achieve this by developing an educational program to provide nutritional training to its Indigenous Sport and Recreation Officers to aid in the delivery of programs in the indigenous and remote communities.

The major challenge is: How can the PCYC cost effectively deliver such a program across the expanse of Qld?

For the purpose of this project PCYC have come together with Online Fitness College /The WISE Academy and Lanstar Learning Management Systems to develop an online learning tool to achieve their goals.

In partnership, they have received funding and support from the national training system’s e-learning strategy, the Australian Flexible Learning Framework, through its E-learning Innovations program.

Together this will build an e-learning course that will provide the Sport and Recreation officers within the tools and skills to educate children in nutrition.

Being located at PCYC Lang Park and Ashmore, Online Fitness / WISE Academy is able to work closely with PCYC to create this new learning environment.

Online Fitness is committed to being a driving force in fitness and wellness via online education.

The PCYC is committed to the ongoing education of its staff, volunteers, members and community.

This new partnership between PCYC and Online Fitness is an important step in creating on online community dedicated to health and fitness.

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