Jeff Osbourne: How to rest your way to becoming a fat burning machine!

If you ask most people what is the best and fastest way to burn fat, the standard
response back is to do more cardio exercise, which is true. However it will be
rare that you find someone that says the best way to burn fat is to strength train!
Strength Train? I thought that strength training and lifting weights was for
muscle heads and for people who wan to get bigger. Wrong!
During the day, about 70% of the energy you burn is burnt at rest. One of the
best ways to increase the amount of energy you burn is to increase your Resting
Energy Expenditure or the amount of energy you burn at rest. The best way to do
this is to increase your metabolic activity by strength training.
When you strength train, you burn an enormous amount of energy, but the best
part isn’t how much you burn during your lifting session… the real benefit is in
the hours and days after your lift. The night after a strength training session, as
you go to bed, your body’s rate of energy expenditure is still firing! So much so
that in your sleep your body is a fat burning machine! And it doesn’t only work
when you sleep, now when you walk up those stairs, pick that object up, you are
burning more than usual, it’s like you have turned your little Daihatsu engine
into a V8!
If you like the idea of having your body burning fat all day and night then you
need to start strength training today, just starting out at once a week will have
you seeing great benefits!

Jeff Osbourne

Online Fitness Gold Coast Lecturer

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