OnFit Testimonial – Debbie A. – Inspirational student success story!

honeyb_after - CopyI found the online format, support and materials at OnFit very user friendly, informative and clear. I am really enjoying the practical element. I love being in the gym environment and have felt so blessed at the opportunities I have been given to spend 15 hours a week in my gym picking the brains of the  trainers and speaking with gym members. I am actually off to Les Mills PUMP training in Sydney in about a week.  So working towards having my Cert III completed is a priority to enable me to begin teaching. I am so hoping for a pass/pass to shadow on the day!  That would be awesome!

I feel like I am literally pinching myself every day.  I can’t believe that I joined the gym only at the end of February at 100.1kg and here I am now with a new life!  I am 24 kgs lighter, fit, healthy, growing in strength and becoming more determined every day.  I am so excited at the prospect and not only becoming the best I can be, but ultimately being able to encourage and motivate others to be their best also.  I figure that if people see what I have been able to do in my situation:  mum of eight and being about 100kg for the last 20 years, with no real training or exercise program all that time and I could turn my life around, that they will go “Boy, if she can do it……I sure can!!”  That would be wonderfully rewarding.

Starting my Cert III/IV was an endeavour I initially started just to cement the changes in my life.  To commit myself to never going back to what I was.  But as I have progressed through this course I am developing a passion for all things fitness!! How awesome is the human body and all its capabilities and workings?!  Our bodies are truly a gift to us and need extra special care!! I am glad it was not too late for me to turn over a new leaf!!  A much greener and fresher one!!

I thank my OnFit tutor Sarah, again for all of her help and support and encouragement.   I could not have done it without her.  Just being able to talk out some of the questions made me feel like I was in a tutorial group! I look forward to staying in touch with the OnFit team during my Cert IV!


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