Welcome to our new Onfit Team Member – Jo!!!

‘’I arrived in Australia only a month ago, so everything’s all very new to me! But I’m very much enjoying what I have seen so far! It’s brilliant to leave the cold weather behind back home and venture into a hotter and sunnier climate- especially being able to finish work and it still be day-light and sunny!!

I was born and have grown up in ‘wet and windy’ England so as you can imagine there’s no comparison to oz’s climate! I visited Australia at the beginning of the year, and travelled through Victoria and New South Wales, loving what I saw I came back for more on a working visa! My partner has been working out here for several months too so I thought I’d take the plunge and follow his tracks, I’d heard great things about aussie life so I wanted to come and experience them for myself!

After studying Criminology & Psychology at University I worked in the Police force in an administrative role, I worked really close to victims and witnesses of sensitive crimes so my customer service and empathy was vital to the role.

I started as a receptionist/Education Administrator 3 weeks ago, so I’m very new to the role, there is a lot to learn but it’s going great. I generally look after all the paperwork, answer calls and try and assist queries. I also deal with all the receipts and results of assessments, both incoming and outgoing.
It has been a huge step for me leaving all my family and friends back in England, but I know it’s the right move, and the team at Onfit have made the transition so much easier- they are all a lovely welcoming bunch of people!

As well as enjoying the role here, I do have a great interest in sport, at my previous employment I played for the netball team, competing against all the Police forces in England, I also love hitting the gym, and was a member of a club back in England.

Looking forward to meeting or speaking to you all!’’

Jo B.


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