Testimonial – How your fitness course can change your life!

I have been participating in Aerobics classes since I was 17. I was doing double classes  nearly every day and thought that it would be good to find a job doing what I enjoyed  most rather than a job that you have to force yourself to get out of bed for. It may have  taken years to get to where I am now but it has been worth the wait.

In the mean time I purchased my first town house in Ipswich and at that time I could not  afford gym membership and was also not realising that I was gaining weight. My  workmate at that time helped me get back on track by giving up the last 4 months of her  gym membership that she did not want anymore and gave it to me.

I was up to 84kg and with the help of my trainer Sharon Sanders reached my goal weight and overall lost 20kg in 8 months. It was tough but a change I had to make and was glad of it!

Sharon saw that I loved aerobics and knew that I had potential in becoming a group fitness and gym instructor. I approached the manager of my gym and with the help of Sharon my determination paid off and they gave me the chance to enrol in a traineeship into the Certificate III in Fitness with Onfit Training College – I was stoked!

I found the online course with Onfit Training College well formatted and just full of all the information which gave me the knowledge that I needed to complete my Cert III in Gym Instruction and Group Fitness. I found that it also helped that extra bit to succeed by talking to the teachers and being shown how to do things correctly in a few face to face tutorials. In my opinion I would recommend Onfit Training College to anyone that is looking to venture into the fitness industry and I now look forward to studying my Certificate IV in Fitness to become a qualified Personal Trainer very soon!

Roslyn Hackett

Online Student 2010 – Cert III Graduate – August 2010


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