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Whether you’re super serious about your sports or you keep fit for fun and figure, this calendar is the perfect companion. With events from walking to running to cycling to triathlon, there is always plenty to train for and compete in across Queensland.

For the serious
We’ve included some of the biggest events in the state, where you won’t only have the chance to pitch your performance against top competitors from Australia and beyond but also race against yourself.

Accept the challenge of The Great Barrier Reef Marathon – that Steve Moneghetti calls the world’s best – or go for that personal best at the Gold Coast Marathon (where you’ll find possibly the flattest course in the world). For the triathletes amongst us, the Noosa Triathlon Multi Sports Festival offers 5 days of competition, with extra emphasis on lifestyle, fitness, and fun: perfect to mix that competitive streak with a family fitness vacation.

For fun filled fitness
While we’re thinking about family oriented fun, why not get on your bikes to the Cardiac Challenge, a three day camping and recreational cycle ride in the September School holidays?

And what could be more fun than the ‘happiest 5k on the planet’? The Color Run is an event in Brisbane, but with races in 30 countries all with the same ethos: the promotion of health and happiness.

If you want to be taught a lesson or two in running technique by your children, then you’ll find the Stockland Caloundra Fun Run to be ideal. If the kids should beat you to the finish line, you can always blame your defeat on your interest in some of the best scenery going.

No excuses accepted!
With its magnificent weather, superb scenery, and diverse terrain, Queensland has much to offer all those who want to keep fit in the Sunshine State. Take part with friends and family, your local club, or as an individual competitor.

Best of all, at all these handpicked events across the state you’ll find smiles waiting for you whether walking, running, or cycling.

Queensland really is a great place to stay fit and friendly all year round.


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