Student Spotlight: Craig Nielson


Craig-NeilsonCraig signed up with Onfit through the In & Out Fitness Initiative, that helps to transition Defence Force members to healthy career paths. With Craig’s passion, enthusiasm and motivation to help others, a career in fitness is a perfect fit for him! His Practical Assessment blew our Trainer & Assessor Jo Cresswell out of the water, and his E-tutor Rob Gardener was constantly impressed with his work.

Craig has shared his journey so far with us, as we asked him a few questions:

What were you doing before you signed up with us, and what made you want to study fitness? 

I’ve always been active, due to my service in the military where I have conducted various types of exercise programs to keep me fit and healthy. As part of my military career I was introduced to CrossFit and developed a passion for its methodology. This lead me to becoming a certified CrossFit Trainer and so started my drive to change people’s lives. I often reflect on how smart we are as humans yet how stupid we have become about living our lives.

Maintaining the human body through health and fitness has become lost in our society as we accept the easy paths of fast food and reduced activity. We have started to exist instead of live. The human body was not designed to sit at a desk all day, to drive in a vehicle, to lay on the couch. It was designed to run and jump, roll and tumble, to push and pull…it was designed to be active.

I wanted to be a part of helping people become active so I started helping out within CrossFit sessions. There I realised that returning the body to a functional state was allowing average people to achieve above average results. Wanting to know more about the human body and the health and fitness industry I started my Cert 3 and 4 with Onfit.

How have you found the course so far?

I have enjoyed my courses so far as it has/is providing me with additional knowledge…and knowledge is power. My tutor (Rob) provides the support I need and always helps me achieve the most from my studies. Once I have completed my Cert 4 I plan to further refine my business, continue my study of fitness and help people become active.

From my studies so far, I have been able to develop my abilities as a coach and I spend more time helping people achieve their goals. I now work as a CrossFit Coach and am the part owner of CrossFit 5 Star Oz in Wacol.

What do you hope to do after completing your certificates?

My goals within the fitness industry are to effect changes in people’s health and fitness that they never thought was possible. You know when you have helped make the impossible possible for a client, it’s seeing that smile, the tear, hearing the scream of achievement that makes being a fitness professional worthwhile. Because your life does not get better by chance….it gets better by change.”

 Check out a snippet of Craig’s Practical Assessment:

Craig was nominated by Jo Creswell after she saw his amazing practical assessment

What Jo has to say:   

 E-tutor Jo Cresswell                                                                                        

“ Craig produced a practical assessment that blew me out of the water.  I thought he was an amazing instructor – with excellent skills in communicating to his client and not only  communicating but his method to teaching the exercises and demonstrating them was second to none – something I cannot explain in words it is really worth seeing him in action –  a role model to other Fitness Instructors and to clients. Thank you to Craig for showing us how it is done 🙂 ”




Rob Gardener, Craig’s E-tutor:

E-tutor Rob Gardener

“Craig is a fantastic student, very knowledgeable and willing to learn. He is fantastic with his assessments and has only ever needed minimal guidance with his answers as they are  always of a high standard. It is great working with a student who is so willing to learn and help others with such a passion for the fitness industry. Craig has shown great skills in his  practical and theory work and will be a fantastic trainer!”




Congratulations Craig!

To find Craig and to find out more about CrossFit 5 Star Oz, check out and


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