How To Stick To The Program Without Your PT!

Having a PT is a good idea, regardless of your fitness level…


They can ?????????????????????????????????????????????????point out areas for improvement you may have overlooked; they’re more likely to keep things varied, interesting, and challenging; and they keep you accountable.

But what about those times when you don’t have someone there to make you show up and put in the hard work? How do you train yourself as hard as they would?

Here we offer 5 steps to help you be your own personal trainer when you’re on your own in the gym.


Step 1: Create Ambition

Understand what you want to achieve, and write it down. This helps solidify your aims. Think about targets, such as weight loss, body shape, stamina. If you want to get better at burpees, set yourself a goal of doing 100. Make it concrete and specific.

Step 2: Create a Workout Plan

Now you have a goal to work towards, plan a schedule of workouts. Use aerobic and strength training and consider required intensity. Mix it up a little bit, so that workouts don’t become boring.

Step 3: Be There at Every Workout!

Always be mentally prepared for each workout and commit to it! Showing up can be 90% of the battle. Always start when you have promised yourself you will – no shirking, no cheating, and no putting off for another day. If you put it off for another day, chances are you’ll only have done 75% of your intended workouts by the end of the week.

Step 4: Review Progress and Adjust

After every session, review how you’re doing. Adjust workouts, schedules, and diet plans to take account of the advances you make and any injuries or illnesses. Give yourself a day of rest between hard workouts.

Step 5: Stay Motivated

Give yourself praise when it’s due, and pump up your positivity every step of the way. Remember that there will be tough times: powering through these is all part of the route to success.

The Key to Success

If the five steps above seem familiar, they should! Learning how to be your own personal trainer requires the same techniques and commitment as you’ll use with a client. You’ll need to set goals; create an achievable workout plan and schedule; review at every stage; and keep the client motivated throughout – all techniques and skills that an Onfit personal training course will help you hone.


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