Student Spotlight: Jessica Hockley

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Recent graduate and entrepreneur Jess Hockley is motivated and ready to build her Fitness Career! 2016 is going to be a fantastic (and busy) year for Jess, as she begins to expand her business (which is currently booked out)! From not having an interest in Fitness, to becoming a Successful Body-Builder and growing a real passion for the Fitness Industry, we got to chat with Jess to find out more about her journey and what she has planned for the year ahead…

So Jess, were you always interested in Health and Fitness?

No completely not, I actually shied away from any type of exercises in high school. I guess it just didn’t interest me and I got nervous in front of people or group activities. When I got to my early adult years, say 18 to 24, I chose to live a lifestyle of just partying, going out and having a few drinks, smokes and junk food.

Once I reached my mid-20’s it was then, I stopped, and looked at my reflection in the mirror and decided that I need to make a change because what was looking back at me was not a woman I wanted to be. So I joined up to a group exercise class and I met a few girls, before long I created a habit / routine. Once I started getting more active I quit smoking, limited my intake of alcohol to just social/special occasions and included a wide variety of food. (My long lost taste buds came back)

When I look back at how much I had grown I realised that I had complete control over the choices in my life because at the end of the day the only control we do have is our health.

The new found  love and appreciation for how my life turned around has exploded into building a successful career, placing 1st in a fitness competition, completing at nationals level, making strong and beautiful friendships and having self-belief in all that I do.

What made you want to study Fitness?

“To teach and mentor other like-minded people the correct techniques of exercise along with supporting them to reach their personal goals”

At this stage I was thinking of doing Personal Training, Counselling or Lifestyle Coaching, as I love helping, supporting and motivating people, but was unsure as to what area I can contribute this aspect of my personality in. Months had gone by and I couldn’t seem to decide what it was that I wanted to succeed in.

Then one day one of my friends introduced me to body building a couple of years ago and said I should give it a go. Needless to say I accepted the challenge and entered my first competition.

While on the journey of preparing for stage I fell more in love with the fitness lifestyle and that’s when it hit me…… Personal Training is where my passion lies.

The journey to the stage also helped me better understand how hard it is to get out of your comfort zone in order to reach your goals. Having that compassion and deeper understanding is really important in fitness industry to help mentor others. People either want to lose weight, gain muscle or change their habits and having that understanding to strive through these phases has given me invaluable understanding to help my clients achieve their goal.

Can you tell us about your competition?

Sure can, my first body building competition was in Darwin where I competed at the INBA Northern Territory Titles. I placed 1st in fitness novice and 1st in fitness overall against an impressive line-up of beautiful woman. From gaining 1st place in overall fitness this granted me an invitation to go and compete at the Southern Cross INBA PNBA Pro-Qualifier Championships which was the 1st one on Australian soil. After much consideration I decided to give it a whirl. When I went, it just enhanced my desire to get even more into the Fitness Industry, not only because of my own self growth but the women and men that you meet are just amazing and they are all about supporting, encouraging and motivating each other. This also motivated me to achieve and succeed even more.


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Jess has graduated the Certificate in 2015, and finished her Certificate IV in Fitness this February  – Congratulations Jess! Jess’ goal has been to start her own business, which is what she’s building now.

What made you decide to start your own business?  

“To be an advocate for teaching people how to move their body in the correct ways”

The reason behind starting my own business is too teach and inform people of correct techniques. When I would go to group training sessions more often than not I’d walk away with a sore neck, back or other body part. I mean if I was doing crunches my neck or upper body would be sore, not my abs, or when I was doing squats my lower back would get sore and I didn’t understand why so naturally this has lead me down the mechanical side of things. For me it’s all about technique, technique, technique. I think if you know the why, you understand the how and then the results your after come quicker. Being a PT and being an advocate for teaching people how to move their body in the correct ways and be able to explain why will help give the client much more confidence in achieving their goals.

This year I’m building a studio here in the outback Kimberley of Kununurra the small country town I live in. There are lots of social groups that I will cater too including adolescents, pregnant women (both Pre and Post Natal), mature age and sporting teams.

Onfit has presented me with incredible knowledge to which I will be able to incorporate in setting up the business.

Not only that I’m in the mist of developing an online coaching platform to reach out to people afar.

Jess’s current business is booming with being currently booked out. Jess is hoping to open her studio later this year and will have her website to cater for online training so watch this space! 

Why did you choose to study with Onfiit?

“ …having that time and flexibility helped me manage my study” 

The selling point for me was the flexibility. Due to living in a small town going to a class was not an option unless I moved for duration of time. Onfit offered me the flexibility that was needed. It was also a great time frame to complete the studies, (2 years). I mean I still had to do the everyday activities like working full time to pay the bills, maintain the house, walk the dogs, and live, not to mention prep for competitions. Having that time and flexibility helped me manage my study, which was fantastic. Also the reviews on your website from previous students were fantastic. The price was awesome and didn’t put a hole in my back pocket due the fact there was a payment plan.

How did you find your experience studying with Onfit?

While I was at Onfit, the tutors are just above and beyond amazing. I never felt inadequate, stupid or a pain when I was ringing you guys. No question was too big or too small to be answered, they were always there, Monday thru to Sunday.  To have that support network on hand was such a relief, especially because of the time difference.

What were your favourite areas/aspects of the Courses?

Anatomy and Physiology, hands down. Just learning about how the body actually functions and how we engage our muscles. It was very easy to understand and the introduction in the Cert III, made it a smooth transition to the Cert IV, so it wasn’t overwhelming. I also liked, as much as it was daunting at the start, the Specialised Exercise Programing (Certificate IV in Fitness Subject). This gave me the understanding of how we can set our clients up from the word ‘go’ to finish without overwhelming them, by breaking our clients goals into step by step progression.

Do you have any advice for people that want to follow a similar career path to you?

“Passion will give you that fuel and fire to reach your goals”

If you have a passion for something, don’t give up, strive for it because passion is what keeps you succeeding towards your goals. Passion will give you that fire, that fuel to reach your dreams. So if you really do believe in Health and Fitness and you do believe in creating a better life for other people, and you know that you can help them, do it because the world needs people like us.

Remember:  Believe – Achieve – Succeed.

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To stay involved with what Jess is up to, follow her on Instragram @Jessica_Louise_


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