Pounding the pads with Onfit’s PadMaster short courses

At Onfit Training College, we're always looking to offer our students, both current and prospective, the latest, most innovative fitness courses available. Whether you're studying for a Certificate IV in Personal Training or a specialist strength and conditioning qualification, Onfit has a multitude of programmes to choose from. 

One of these special short courses that we have recently added to our prospectus is the PadMasters collection. PadMasters courses focus around boxing, kickboxing and MMA techniques using pads, and they are designed exclusively for personal trainers to work into fitness plans for their clients. Let's take a look at the three PadMasters courses on offer at Onfit Training College.

Focus Pads

The PadMasters Focus Pads course is the first and only online boxing program accredited by Physical Activity Australia, and is worth two Professional Development Points (PDPs). You'll learn how to utilise the pads to full effect, alongside punching techniques, exercise drills, and how to handle the pads themselves.

PadMasters courses focus around boxing, kickboxing and MMA techniques, and are designed exclusively for personal trainers.

Perhaps most importantly, you'll learn how to incorporate pad work into all manner of fitness plans, so that your range of clients can benefit from this specific kind of exercise. The Focus Pads course acts as the perfect introduction to boxing as a fitness tool, and lays a great foundation if you're looking to learn the more advanced techniques of the other two PadMasters offerings.

Thai Pads

Once you've learned the basic of boxing on the Focus Pads, why not take a look at the Thai Pads course? It's on this programme that you'll learn how to incorporate kicks as well punches into workout plans for your clients, lending all-over conditioning for those looking to increase overall fitness.

When using Thai Pads, safety is paramount, which is why this element of kickboxing is also covered in great detail on this short course. Thai Pads is also worth two PDPs with Physical Activity Australia, and the theory side of the course can both be studied and submitted completely online, with marking and feedback instant. The practical component involves a short video, and you'll have up to six months to complete your course, after which you'll receive a certificate.

Padwork can serious improve the fitness of your clients.Padwork can seriously improve the fitness of your clients.

Kick Shields

The third module in the PadMasters repertoire is Kick Shields, where you'll learn all about the benefit of Kick Shield drills, alongside further punching and kicking techniques. Again, safety for this activity is a big focus, as is hygiene and maintenance. As with Thai Pads, the theory section of the course is studied and submitted online, and again, a video makes up part of the practical component. 

Be sure to get in touch with us at Onfit Training College to find out more about PadMasters today.


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