How to create the perfect personal training website: Part Two

At Onfit Training College, we recently talked about how to get the perfect personal training website up and running. Now that you know how to design a site, choose and pay for a name, and get the whole thing online, it's time for the most exciting part – filling it with quality, engaging content and making sure that it can be found by legions of potential clients. Read on to find out how to put yourself ahead of the crowd when it comes to excellence in personal training websites.

Learn about landing pages

Landing pages are the bread and butter of any website. It may seem a complicated term, but the reality is that it really couldn't be simpler. In basic terms, a landing page is a part of your website that is used for focusing on a single section of your offering, that will go into greater detail than the homepage might. Typically, a list of landing pages is normally found in a prominent position on a website's home page, for easy navigation.

With a blog, you can talk about anything that you like, as long as it ties in with what your personal training service is all about.

For example, Onfit Training College's website has a range of landing pages that can be accessed from the black bar near the top of the page. Some of these landing pages lead through to other landing pages, where you'll find such things as course descriptions, testimonials and a range of other information. Landing pages are designed to educate your readers on what you do, and how you do it, as well as help persuade them to click through with what's known as a 'call-to-action' – where they may buy a product, or contact you to find out more.

Blog roll

Landing pages are largely static – that is, the content within them rarely changes, and for this reason they are known as 'evergreen'. Of course, they'll contain keywords and links to your services – this all helps your website to be found more easily – but to ramp your site to the top of the search engine charts, it can really pay to regularly update your site with blog content.

When you publish articles, videos and other content, customers and clients will be able to see a side to you that they may not get through business-like landing pages. With a blog, you can talk about anything that you like, as long as it ties in with what your personal training service is all about. You'll create engagement with your audience, healthy debate, interest – all things that will help your website grow. Play it safe to begin with – write about your knowledge of health and fitness, and the training methods that you employ. You can even upload videos of certain exercises if you feel they are too complicated to explain in words.

A great website can really help you engage with potential clients.A great website can really help you engage with potential clients.

Blogs are easier to set up than you might think. By using a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress (a very popular, simple to use CMS) you can create and edit blog posts without the need for a Master's degree in Computer Science. It might take a little bit of getting used to, but once you know your way around you will be updating your blog with ease – and the more regular the updates the better the search ranking!

Social butterfly

Any business worth its salt, big or small, will have a social media page, whether it's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or all of them. It's ridiculously easy to set up a business page on Facebook – just like setting up your own personal profile, and we're sure that you already have one of those! Here, you can add pictures, links to your website, interesting developments, share relevant content – anything you like! This will help build traction for your main website overall, and you can integrate this with social media so that it updates automatically once you upload a blog post or new offer – simple! 

Additionally, ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly – that is, it won't look a mess when viewed on a smartphone – will really earn you bonus points with Google and your customers, too. After all, mobile internet usage surpassed that of PCs and laptops in 2014, so it's worth your while making sure your website looks the part when being accessed via a portable device!


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