Introducing PT&ME – A new platform for PTs

We’re always looking at the latest health and fitness trends to hit the industry, from technology to training techniques, now the team at PT&ME are offering an exciting new platform for Trainers wishing to connect with clientele in their local area. We caught up with PT&ME Founder, Jake Mollenhauer, to learn more.

First off, what is PT&ME & how does it work?

PT&ME is a Personal Training platform for Trainers wishing to connect with clientele in their local area. Unlike a gym, Trainers go to the client’s location which then allows them to exercise in the comfort of their own home, local park, workplace etc. Trainers provide PT&ME with their available days and hours so that PT&ME can connect them with clients nearby in their best suited timeframe.

Unlike a standard gym, PT&ME does not charge a rental structure. So, instead of having to provide payment each week whether busy or not, PT&ME works off a percentage split for each session. Trainers receive 70% and PT&ME receive 30%. This means that Trainers do not have the stress of still having to provide high sums for rent when business may not be as busy as other weeks.

Student SpotlightWhat led you to creating PT&ME?

When I started PT&ME back in 2016, the only way to connect with a Personal Trainer was to sign up to a gym. So, instead of having to leave home, pay for a babysitter, drive to the gym, pay for a gym membership to then be able to see a Trainer, PT&ME was created so that the service was being brought to the client.

What’s the biggest benefit for Personal Trainers?

The biggest benefit with PT&ME is working on your own terms! As a sub-contracted Trainer to PT&ME, Trainers set their own availability of when they wish to work. This means no 9-5 or standing around a gym waiting for your next potential customer to walk through the door. PT&ME manage all on-going marketing, which provides Trainers with clientele in the areas that they assign themselves to.

What do you look for in

Personal Trainers who join PT&ME?Nate Devlin

Since every PT who joins PT&ME is representing us, we look for Personal Trainers who are of the highest standard. Specifically, we look forPT’s who are motivated to inspire & educate their clients, who are energetic and have a willingness to work. We’ve put a lot of work into building PT&ME and giving our clients a fantastic experience, so we pride ourselves of the quality of the trainers we work with.

What’s next for PT&ME?

The demand from our clients is really strong right now, so we’re currently enjoying the growth that this is bringing, a key priority for us is finding enough Personal Trainers to match with our clients. We’re also looking to expand into new locations in other states & territories, as well as overseas. It’s definitely an exciting time for us!

If you’re interested in learning more or signing up, you can contact PT&ME via email at , calling 1300 28 26 05 or you can visit


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