Student Spotlight: Teyden Pearl

 We couldn’t be more proud to have Teyden studying his Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance with us! He is such a deserving winner for our Student Spotlight. The more we learn about Teyden, the more we are sure of his future career success!

Could you tell us a bit about your journey in becoming passionate about allied health?
I’m a third-generation massage therapist and very interested in biomechanics. In 2020 I was hit with 3 strokes at 23, paralysed.
Through 3 long months of rehab, I developed a passion for physiotherapy and helping others going through similar experiences.
What appealed to you the most about becoming an Allied Health Assistant?
Having an experience of receiving Allied Health Assistance, I feel it gives me an advantage with understanding both sides and the thought process that clients may go through.
What are your career goals for when you’ve graduated?
I don’t have any specific goals for after my studies, just to use and incorporate my learnt knowledge into a way that helps people.
Whether I becoming an AHA assistant or continue as a massage therapist, or even something entirely different; I know this course will help me to achieve what I set out to do.
How have you enjoyed your studies so far?
I’ve really enjoyed the course so far, studying was something I thought I wouldn’t be able to do after my strokes, but the support I’ve received from the Onfit team has really helped and also boosted my confidence.
What have you found most challenging about your studies?
Since my stroke, I’ve struggled greatly with reading due to fatigue and continuous strain on my eyes, but Kate (Big shout out) from Onfit has been an amazing help in getting through the sources and assignments.
What have you enjoyed the most?
I’ve really loved the amount of knowledge I’ve learnt from this course, from medical procedures to terminology, from the body cavities to the glands and the roles of each one.
What study habits/tips could you share with someone considering or who’s just started their studies with us?
Make Deadlines for yourself, without due dates everything can always be done tomorrow.
What advice would you have for someone thinking about studying and getting qualified to work in the Allied Health Industry?
Whether any career or income comes from it or not, the transferable skills and knowledge you learn in this course are invaluable in helping others wherever your path takes you.
What are you going to do to celebrate when you’ve graduated?
After completing my studies I plan to meet up with the therapists and medical team that helped me at the start of my journey.
Kat and Lee from Brisbane Royal Hospital, Jen and Alex from GC Uni Hospital.



Kate Lister Staff Profile“Teyden is an absolute pleasure to work with! He is very enthusiastic about allied health and physiotherapy and shows a true passion for the industry. I get the opportunity to speak to Teyden every week, and each time he shows compassion for others and a true desire to want to help people. His willingness to learn and solve problems is admirable and will be a huge asset for him in working with his own clients in the near future. His character will take him very far in his Allied Health career.” – Kate Lister, Trainer & Assessor



Right from the very beginning of Teyden’s enrolment, he has always been an inspiration to all of us here at Onfit! Hearing his story, and knowing how this led him to wanting to complete his Allied Health Assistance course to help others, is nothing short of incredible.Teyden gives his 110% to his studies, no matter how hard it may seem. He will make a wonderful addition to the Health sector once he completes his qualification. I know that any client that he has in the future, will be happy knowing that they are in his kind and capable hands. It has been an absolute pleasure assisting him throughout his studies so far, and I can’t wait to see how he goes throughout the remainder of his course.” – Kayla Daly, Student Services, Administration


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