Where Can a Career in Health and Fitness Take You in the Next Five Years?


The health and fitness industry is set to take on a more holistic and integrated approach over the coming years, encompassing a broader definition of well-being that includes mind, body and spirit.  Not only will this provide more collaborative opportunities for health and fitness professionals, but also offers a unique opportunity for them to serve […]

Everything you need to know to start your PT Business

Start your personal training business

If you find yourself spending time thinking about health and fitness, and love being in a gym environment, starting a personal training business might be the right move for you. Maybe you’re looking to change careers completely, or looking to build a side hustle? Whatever your situation, the fitness industry offers many varied opportunities and […]

Allied Health Assistants are now part of the NDIS, what does this mean?

Services provided by Allied Health Assistants (AHAs) can now be claimed under National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding. This means that people living with disability, who receive support from AHAs, can have their funding packages managed by the NDIS. In this blog we take a look at how AHA’s can register, the benefits to both […]

What to look for in an Online Study Provider

Online study Health and Fitness Courses

What to look for in an Online Study Provider? The rate of growth in online learners has risen dramatically in the past decade and has continued to be a trend despite the world’s recovery post-pandemic. The benefits of online learning are abundantly obvious – it offers vital flexibility to continue learning and take control of […]

Our top reasons why a career is fitness is a great move in 2023

Fit couple are happy after workout outdoors

Are you considering a career change? If so, you may be wondering if a career in fitness is the right move for you? A career in fitness has always had a variety of benefits but more so now than ever before.  Today there are multiple disciplines and areas of practice that make up the fitness […]

What is Trending in Fitness for 2023

Fitness Trends for 2023

As we adapt to a post-pandemic world with a New Year upon us, 2023 looks set to be a year of interesting fitness trends, some old and some new. From at-home workouts using minimal equipment to high-tech gear and innovative apps, there are plenty of ways for us to stay healthy and active in a […]

6 Top Reasons to Start a Career in Health & Fitness in 2023


We understand that the decision to pursue a new vocation is a daunting one! So, we’re here to make it less intimidating and inspire you on your path to a rewarding career in health and fitness!  We’ve compiled our list of the top six reasons why health and fitness is an excellent option for a […]

Surviving the Festive Season – Manage Stress Stay Healthy and Have Fun!

Surviving the Festive Season - Manage Stress Stay Healthy and Have Fun!

The festive season is a time to celebrate with friends and family. ‘Tis the season to be jolly after all! But all the merry-making, along with extra responsibilities, can have an impact on your health, making the holidays anything but fun and festive. Here we look at some tips to help make sure you have […]

Signs You Have an Unhealthy Gut (and What to Do About It)

Signs You Have an Unhealthy Gut (and What to Do About It)

Do you often feel bloated or gassy? Do you have trouble losing weight, no matter how much you diet and exercise? If so, your gut health may be to blame. An unhealthy gut can lead to all sorts of health problems, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. But don’t worry – there are plenty of […]

Can Some Foods Boost Brain Health?

Foods that can boost brain power

There is a lot of talk these days about the benefits of a healthy diet for your body, and how it can help you stay fit and trim. But what about your brain? It turns out that there are many foods that can help boost brain health, and they’re not all leafy greens. In this […]