Boxing for Fitness

Learn the basics of boxing for fitness, so you can offer your clients an enjoyable and beneficial boxing experience – and boost your value as a trainer!

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Boxing for Fitness Course Outline

Boxing for Fitness is an entry level boxing course that has been designed to teach you the basics of boxing and pad work techniques, covering a wide range of different punches in order to give you the skills to create fun, innovative boxing combinations that you can use with your personal training clients.

  • Safety for boxing
  • Boxing for fitness
  • Different boxing Stance
  • Knowing the punches
  • Understanding pad holding fundamentals
  • Movement drills
  • Boxing Combinations

The course is presented using a variety of interactive slides, videos and notes. As a self-paced course, you can study when it suits you.



After completing the lesson content, you are required to complete three assessment tasks:

  1. Construct a basic boxing circuit on a program card. 
  2. (Filming required) Facilitate 3 x 3-minute rounds of pad work with a client. 
  3. Complete an evaluation of your session with your client.

Continuing Education Credits (CECs)



Receive 12 CECs with Fitness Australia upon the completion of this course.

Approval Code: 04465FA

FITREC Recognition



Level B Recognition with FITREC

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