Kettlebell Fundamentals

Our Kettlebell Fundamentals course will teach you the skills and techniques to deliver a variety of kettlebell exercises safely and with expertise.

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  • 6 month course timeline

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Kettlebell Fundamentals Course Outline

Kettlebell fundamentals consist of an array of specific kettlebell techniques and exercises including:

1. Evolution of the kettlebell

  • History
  •  Why use kettlebells
  • Benefits of the bells
  • The hips as a hinge

2. Kettlebell exercises

  • Kettlebell get up
  • Swings and throws
  • Thrusters
  • Cleans and pulls
  • Accessory exercises

3. Facilitating kettlebell techniques to clientele

  • Teaching cues
  • Common faults

Through the combination of high quality videos and our premium online education portal, you’ll enjoy a simple and effective learning experience. Regardless of when or where you study, this course gives you all the tools you need to become a skilled and knowledgeable kettlebell trainer.



After completing the lesson content, you are required to complete three assessment tasks:

  1. Construct a basic kettlebell training program. 
  2. (Filming required) Facilitate the program with a client. 
  3. Complete an evaluation of your session with your client.

Continuing Education Credits (CECs)





Receive 15 CECs with Fitness Australia upon the completion of this course.

Accreditation Code: 04760FA

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