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There’s more demand than ever to have qualified health and fitness professionals who can cater specifically for older adults.

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Older Adults Health & Fitness Course Overview

Populations around the world are rapidly ageing, and this presents both challenges and opportunities for astute fitness professionals. As more focus is placed upon the need for physical activity as a preventative measure for the health risks commonly associated with ageing, skilled fitness professionals are ideally placed to assist and contribute to the healthy ageing process.

However, exercise prescription is only one piece of the healthy aging process. To ensure that older clients remain fit, healthy and functional as they approach their later years of life, fitness professionals need to be able to consider and coach their older clients on not only appropriate exercises to do, but also what to expect as their body ages, how to assist their clients in respect to falls prevention and management and what the most appropriate nutrition recommendations for health are as their clients age.

Older Adults Health & Fitness Course Outline

  • The Changes in Anatomy and Physiology as we Age.

This module covers the anatomical and physiological changes associated with ageing, the health concerns that can impact an older client, and what signs and symptoms to look for in respect to an older client’s mental wellness.

  • How to Assist in Falls Prevention and Management.

Learn how to add falls prevention techniques to everyday exercise programs, the risk factors and preventative factors of falling, facts and myths about why people fall and specific exercise prescription for improving the brain-body balance systems.

  • Nutrition Recommendations for Older Adults.

In this module, you’ll learn about the different nutritional requirements as clients age, the role of carbohydrates, fats and protein in older clients, important vitamins, minerals and food groups for the older population and what nutritional recommendations they can and should not make.

  • Strength Training for Older Adults.

This module covers the benefits of strength training for older clients, how to match exercises to a client’s goals, appropriate exercise selection for older clients and recommended training frequencies to promote active ageing.


Study Mode: Online

Course Timeline: 6 Months

Price: $995

Assessment Requirements: Online Theory Assessment

This course has been developed to address the idea of ‘active aging’ by focusing on all aspects of health and fitness, so that fitness professionals can help their older adults optimise the opportunities that will be offered by an increased life expectancy.

The course is presented using a variety of interactive slides, videos and notes. As a self-paced course, you can study when it suits you.

To complete the course, you’ll be required to complete online quiz questions.

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