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Developed in Partnership with Chris Miller, The Health and Fitness Guy. Chris is the embodiment of a Progressive Fitness Professional, with 20 years coaching experience , four university degrees, several hundred hours of certified post grad professional development and a wealth of knowledge gained from training some of the worlds top athletes including several Olympic medalists. 

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Progressive Fitness Professional Course Overview

We are currently experiencing a health and wellness epidemic like nothing ever seen before. More and more we hear stories about clients being highly stressed, injured, unwell or simply de-motivated about their training.

Course Outline

  • How to get the basics of screening and assessing right so that you deliver better results
  • How to thoroughly screen and assess your clients
  • Comprehensive warm up methods that get your clients’ bodies ready to perform
  • Optimum mobilisation techniques
  • Stabilisation and activation exercises for optimal performance
  • Aerobic and strength warm up methods that prepare clients for high intensity work
  • Ways to engage your clients’ type one ‘fat burning’ mechanisms in the body with methods that actually work
  • Red flags, how and when you should refer to allied health professionals

Graduate Outcomes

  • The knowledge to enhance your development into a leading Personal Trainer
  • Pre-exercise screening form
  • A four step screening method – the same one used on Olympic athletes
  • A movement observation table and screening guide
  • Strength and conditioning testing form
  • Multiple mobilisation, stabilisation, activation techniques and exercises
  • Certificate in critical movement analysis
  • Real world understanding of movement assessment and its importance in optimal program design

Through the combination of high quality videos and our premium online education portal, you’ll enjoy a simple and effective learning experience. Simply work your way through your online course, and complete the multiple choice, short answer questions and 1 short video assessment.

Chris Miller, The Health and Fitness Guy

Chris Miller has trained several Olympic and Commonwealth Games Athletes, prior to Beijing, London and Rio Olympic games.
Chris worked with the Wallabies from 2002-2007 and toured with them in 2005 as a rehab and soft tissue specialist.
Chris has been coaching for nearly 20 years, and has several hundred hours of certified post grad professional development in the fields of health science, fitness, supplements, training, coaching and psychology.

Chris’ wealth of knowledge has led him to having an extremely strong and respected reputation in the health and fitness industry.

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Brittany Elmslie is a Olympic champion, 2-time Olympic Gold medallist, member of the Australian Dolphins Swim Team

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Madeline Groves is an Olympic Silver medalist, member of the Australian Dolphins Swim Team

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