Fitness Business Mastery Certification

Empower yourself as a fitness trainer to build and sustain a successful career in the highly competitive fitness industry.

Time To Complete:

15 - 20 hours

Certificate of Completion





Course Overview

Our Fitness Business Mastery Certification provides you
with a comprehensive roadmap for success and
teaches and the edge you need to thrive. From
marketing to client management, it equips you
with vital skills to excel. Invest in your future
success, attract and retain clients, and become
a well-rounded fitness entrepreneur.

Ideal for an aspiring fitness professional, a newcomer to the industry, or an established personal trainer, this course offers a wealth of skills and resources to bolster your business endeavours. Whether you own your own studio or are operating within an established gym, the knowledge gained from this course is your blueprint for achieving lasting success.

Personal Trainer with client
Course Outline PT Business Success

Course Outline

This course is designed as an all-in-one to set up your fitness business! The Fitness Business Mastery Certification includes seven modules each covering
a fundamental aspect of running a successful fitness business:

Module 1: Business Essentials

Module 2: Business Planning

Module 3: Marketing and Branding

Module 4: Financial Management

Module 5: Sales and Customer Engagement

Module 6: Operations and Management

Module 7: Business and Customer Success

Assessment Requirements

Online theory questions

Online Fitness Study

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