Mindblank: Mental Health Training for Personal Trainers

Enhancing Mental Health Skills for Personal Trainers.


3 - 5 hours


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Mental Health Training for Personal Trainers

Many of us find ourselves ill-equipped to address the complexities of mental health issues. As personal trainers, we regularly interact with clients who confide in us, sharing both their triumphs and tribulations. It’s not uncommon for mental health challenges to be a part of these conversations.

So, how can we better prepare ourselves to effectively navigate mental health concerns, and how can we safeguard our own well-being when the emotional toll becomes overwhelming?

In response to these pressing questions, Onfit Training College has collaborated with Mindblank to create a specialised course tailored specifically for personal trainers. This comprehensive program incorporates real-life scenarios shared by fitness professionals who have firsthand experience, making it an essential resource for personal trainers seeking to enhance their skills in addressing mental health challenges.

Course Outcomes

  • What is mental health?  
  • Recognising the warning signs 
  • Mental health literacy – what to say and what not to say 
  • Creating your workplace culture 
  • What to do in a workplace crisis 
  • First response mental health care 
  • Setting up boundaries 
  • Second response mental health care 

Assessment Requirements

Self-reflection questionnaire


workplace discussions (optional)

Personal Trainer with Client talking mental health

In Partnership with Mindblank

Mindblank is a multi-award-winning mental health charity that ‘empowers people to promote mental wellbeing strategies and have conversations that save lives.’

We need to talk more about it so it doesn’t become a stigma, because unfortunately mental illness is the norm these days, and the sooner we realise that it can affect anyone of us at any time, the more prepared we can be if it happens to us or someone close to us…” – Mindblank CEO, Ally Kelly

This is the reality that led to Onfit Training College partnering with Mindblank to create this course specifically for Personal Trainers.

Mindblank has received accreditation from Quality Innovative Performance Limited. This course is accredited practice following guidelines from Suicide Prevention Australia (1st ed.).

This course is not a certified mental health or counseling course. It will not make you a mental health expert.

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