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What is the Elite Trainer Certification?

The Elite Trainer Certification distinguished itself from the competition by incorporating five unique certifications in the one package.

Why become 'Elite' Certified?

Provide services that are tailored to your client’s goals, gain skills using the latest innovations in the industry & be backed by National and International accreditation.

Provide services that are tailored to your client's goals

Gain skills using the latest innovations in the industry

Be backed by National and International accreditation

What's included with your Elite Certification?


(Nationally Accredited)

Start your education journey with your Nationally Accredited Personal Training Certification, studying the SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness. Our PT Direct Pathway provides the most efficient option for you to get qualified as a Personal Trainer, by including the prerequisite units from the SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness, as a package.

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability is the level above a standard heart rate reading, which will enable you to predict how the client’s nervous system will respond to training and what type of workout will provide optimal performance and fitness adaptations. Imagine the difference you can make to a client’s results with this level of personalisation!


(Internationally Accredited)

The Advanced Nutritional Coaching Certificate will enable you to understand how different foods and nutritional interventions can play a role in achieving a client’s health and fitness goals. With a strong focus on client health and performance, this course covers a range of nutritional concepts including ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting & nutritional supplementation.

strength & conditioning

(Internationally Accredited)

The Diploma of Strength and Conditioning provides an advanced level of knowledge in strength and conditioning coaching, providing you with the skills and ability to plan, conduct and design high level strength and conditioning programs. The application of these skills will allow you to physically prepare athletes of all levels to improve their performance across a wide range of sports and activities


The Personal Trainer Business Success course is different to many other business courses, because it’s tailored to the fitness industry and to fitness graduates. With a focus on the latest business practices, you can be confident what you learn can be put into practice from the word go. You’ll have access to industry specific business templates, marketing solutions and client care tips, giving you the best chance at sustained business success within the fitness industry long after you graduate.

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Course Details: Elite Trainer Certification

Course Delivery:

You’ll study your Elite Trainer Certification on our interactive online platform, where all of your lessons and assessments will be together and easily accessible. You can study on any device, any browser & can access your courses anytime, giving you flexibility and control over your studies.

Course Duration:

The Elite TrainerCertification is intended for individuals with a high level of motivation and dedication, you’ll be provided with

28 months to complete all courses, with self-paced study.

You are required to complete your PT Direct Pathway prior  to commencing the other courses in the certification.

Assessment Requirements:

Online multiple choice quizzes.

Case studies & Programming Portfolio.

Practical assessment &  Work Placement.(total 65 hours for PT DIrect)

See Indivudual Course Pages for more detail


You’ll be supported by our Circle of Support, 7 days a week, including after hours on weekdays. You can contact our team via phone or email, with our passionate and qualified Trainer & Assessors available to help you.

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