1) I have not studied for years – will I be able to cope?

Absolutely! Many students feel like this when they start, but our courses are easy to understand and fun to work through.

You can study at home, taking as much time as you want to go through your course and you can relax knowing that you have a passionate team of supporters ready to help with any questions you have along the way.


2) I want to do the course from home – but how much time do I need to invest?

Our courses are designed to fit in with busy lives! Whether you have a few nights or just a few hours a week, you can work through the course at a pace that fits with your lifestyle. All theory is completed online and your practical work placement can be completed at a time that fits in with the rest of your commitments, at a gym or fitness facility that suits you and you’re comfortable in!


3) Do I have to pay for my course up front?

No. We understand that not everybody can afford to pay in full and have a range of flexible payment options! You can invest in your career by paying a portion of the cost upfront for great overall savings or take advantage of our interest free payment plan options.


4) Are the courses nationally recognised?

Yes, yes, yes. Onfit Training College is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO#32107) and our qualifications are nationally recognised. But wait…there’s more! Australian qualifications are respected around the world, so even if you travel, your qualifications with us will open doors for you.


5) Will I feel confident enough to start working straight away?

Yes! We pride ourselves on producing ‘industry ready’ graduates. As a student you will learn to put your knowledge into practice when you undertake the work placement component of our course. This is an essential part of our program. Here you not only practice your skills and gain confidence, you also gain real life experience of how the industry works.


6) Are there many job opportunities?

There certainly are! With the stresses and challenges people are facing now, health and well being is being valued more than ever. This means well-educated, passionate health and fitness professionals are in high demand! Onfit Training College graduates have a strong reputation within the health and fitness industry, so you can feel confident as you enter you chosen career path!

A high percentage of our students are offered jobs before they even graduate – often while they complete their work experience. That’s how impressive our graduates are!

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