Top fitness trend predictions for 2017

In Australia, the fitness industry continues to go from strength to strength, and keeping abreast of the latest developments and innovations is an important part of helping the nation stay in shape. New fitness routines, dieting trends and technological breakthroughs mean that the industry is more advanced than ever before. At Onfit Training College, we place big emphasis on being ahead of the curve when it comes to any new directions that the fitness industry is taking.

Let’s take a look at the fitness trends set to take the world by storm in 2017 – from bodyweight training to wearable technology, the following are set to get plenty of exposure across Australia in 2017.

Building strength and burning fat

Bodyweight training really gives you a chance get back to basics. The simple, time-honoured exercises that make up bodyweight training, including chin-ups and sit-ups, press-ups and planks, have endured through the ages – and will continue to do so in to 2017. These exercises can build muscle and definition without the need for expensive equipment, and can be performed practically anywhere. The simple zero-cost nature of bodyweight training is what keep it timeless.

The simple, time-honoured exercises that make up bodyweight training have endured through the ages – and will continue to do so in to 2017.

High-intensity interval training continues to be popular. This typically involves short, yet brutally intense sessions of exercise (such as jumping jacks combined with Sumo squats), followed by a short period of rest. Another big reason that HIIT continues to thrive is that it can burn fat far more quickly than moderate exercise – such as a gentle, yet exhausting 10-kilometre run.

In a similar fashion to bodyweight training, strength training remains a huge focus for those looking to improve their overall power. Not only is strength training utilised solely to build muscle, but it also acts as a vital component of a well-rounded exercise regime when looking to build complete fitness.

The professional touch

When people enter a gym in this day and age, they expect to to be mentored by professionals who have undertaken a certified, reputable qualification. Gone are the days when gym goers simply took advice from strangers endlessly hauling weights next to them. Today, they’ll want premium information delivered by educated and experienced fitness professionals, which are something that Onfit Training College has a proud record of turning out.

Lauren king Fitness student

Group training also continues to gather steam. Working out as a team, or as an individual collective, can be much more inspiring than going it alone, especially if you’re working up a sweat with people of a similar ability. In fact, at Onfit Training College, our Certificate III in Fitness formally qualifies those who study it as certified group fitness trainers, with the intent of providing Australia with enough professional fitness instructors to keep the trend going.

Have you heard of Exercise Is Medicine? This global health initiative, set up by the American College of Sports Medicine, focuses on encouraging GPs, doctors and other healthcare providers to ensure that robust physical activity is included when putting together viable treatment plans, as well as putting them in touch with exercise professionals. This neatly ties in with our new Allied Health course, which we’ll be launching early next year.

Wearable technology winners

We sometimes wonder how athletes and fitness enthusiasts of yesteryear would react if introduced to the technology that aids us today. Wearable innovations lead this charge, with 55 per cent of Aussies owning a fitness device that can be worn, whether it’s a Fitbit or running-tracking app on your smartphone. Things have come a long way since the days of the humble stepometer. Today, wearable technology can track your activities, upload your progress to social media, and share maps and information with other users.

Wearable technology can track your activities, upload your progress to social media, and share maps and information with other users.

Think about how much biometric data a tiny fitness band can capture. Blood pressure, heart rate and even sleep patterns can be accurately measured and analysed, with some high-end models including barometers that can readily record the steep, thigh-burning hills of a run and the downward descent. Others feature a UV sensor to let the wearer know whether or not they should be applying sunscreen – and this technology is only expected to become more advanced.

Yoga fire

Yoga continues to be a big draw and will remain so long into 2017 and beyond. We expect to enrol and teach more personal trainers at Onfit, as gyms and other training centres demand formal qualifications from reputable establishments, meaning that getting that certificate is ever more important if you’re looking to break into the fitness field.

Finally, we all know that dieting is a fundamental part of losing weight, but when it’s coupled with exercise, the results are far more noticeable. That’s why instructors who can provide sound advice and can tailor a bespoke weight loss program are going to be in big demand during 2017 – and why our specialist course will continue to be popular.

Yoga continues to surge in popularity.Yoga continues to surge in popularity.

More to come

Of course, there are several other fitness trends that we expect to see taking flight in gyms and studios up and down the country in 2017. Group training continues to gather steam, as clients tend to enjoy the social aspects of working out together. Strength training regimes will also remain popular, as these constitute a vital component of any all-round exercise program.

Additionally, educated and experienced fitness instructors are likely to become a big part of the fitness scene in 2017, as clients look to professionals to help them achieve their fitness goals. With an accredited qualification from Onfit Training College, you can be one of them. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out how you can make the most of what promises to be an exciting time for fitness in 2017!