Seminar: PT Business Summit

Jeff Osbourne our Gold Coast lecturer will be presenting the PT Business Summit on August the 31st at the Milton campus, Level 6 of the PCYC in Suncorp Stadium, Milton. It is highly recommended to attend to learn about how to successfully market yourself as a Personal Trainer as effectively as possible to earn the highest income and level of success that you deserve!

Jeff Osbourne: How to rest your way to becoming a fat burning machine!

Jeff Osbourne has recently joined our teaching team at the Gold Coast campus and we are so pleased to have him on board. His insight and knowledge on the fitness industry is a great asset to Online Fitness College and we know the students will learn a lot from his expertise.

Here he talks about the concept of resting as a means to burn calories. Imagine that? You don’t need to spend hours on the cardio equipment to burn fat after all!