Struggling to find ways to fit in physical activity to your lifestyle?

Many people struggle to find time to fit in physical activity into their busy lifestyle and we think these tips could help with this. You do not need to commit to hard-core gym work outs 5 days a week to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle but finding time to stay physically active can sometimes be difficult for some people who work full time and have families to look after. Read more…

Jo’s Motivational Thursday – Part 3

Goal setting is an important tool to staying focused on what you want to achieve whether it be in your fitness or training regime or in life in general. Jo’s expert advice on goal setting and motivation has helped many of her students in the past.

When thinking about something you are aiming to achieve ask yourself, why this is important to you?

Jo’s Motivational Thursday – Part 1

Welcome to Motivational Thursday! Over the next few weeks I will introduce you to some of the simple concepts of human thought processes and how you can use these to help yourself and those around you. Smile at every person you walk past – the gift you are sharing will make them feel better and costs you nothing (and the best part is it makes you feel better too!).

Stop The Body Drought

Water is the most important thing we put into our body!! You could live for 3 weeks without food, not a good idea!! But you could only live for 3 days without fluid, even worst idea!! Water makes up 2/3 of our bodies, brain cells are 80-90% fluid and muscle cells are 60-70% fluid.

How Can I Study?

When choosing the right study option, it is important to understand how you learn and what options are available to you from your chosen educational facility. At Online Fitness we offer various options to make sure that you can reach your goals and strive for your dreams in the best possible learning environment! Whether you like the classroom, sitting at home in your bunny slippers or a combination of both – we have you covered!