Where can a career in health and fitness take you in 2017?

If you woke up on January 1 and decided that in 2017 you’d take a different career direction, you’re probably not alone. According to Finder.com.au, around eight per cent of Aussie’s New Year’s Resolutions revolved around business and careers.

With the majority of people looking to improve their health and fitness (54 per cent), there is significant scope to position your career in this area.

There are few better career options in 2017 than the health and fitness industry. This year is expected to see a more holistic and connected view to the sector. This includes expanding into a wider scope of wellness, well-being, and health of both the body and mind.

Here’s our 2017 guide to careers in health and fitness – outlining why now is the best time to enter this exciting industry.

Older Adult Fitness Trainers

There is no doubt that Australia has an ageing population. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), the median age in 1964 was just 28.5 years, with around eight per cent of the national population over 65 years. Fast forward to 2014, the median age is 37.3 years and 15 per cent are over the age of 65 – underpinned by the baby boomer generation reaching retirement age.

There are more older Australian than ever.There are more older Australians than ever.

While this puts added pressure on superannuation, there will also be a greater demand for healthcare professionals in the coming years, such as Older Adult Fitness Trainers.

In the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) Worldwide survey of fitness trends for 2017, the organisation cited the growth of fitness programs for older adults. This includes strength training, high-intensity interval training and team sports. As this generation is looking to remain fit and active, personal trainers can expect demand for their services to increase as a result.

Community and Group Fitness Trainers

This career path relates strongly to the previous point. With the baby boomers wanting to engage in community and group fitness programs as they age, there is significant scope for personal trainers to develop these types of sessions. Group training was also listed among ACSM’s top trends for 2017, with the potential to help motivate and lead people at different fitness levels. 

Group training sessions are social, fun and engaging.

Of course, it’s not just baby boomers who love these group activities. Many millennials participate in gym and fitness classes where personal trainers lead a class through a variety of sessions. These are social, fun and engaging – everything that a fitness class needs to be.

Our Certificate III in Fitness qualifies you as group trainer where you’ll learn about the rise of F45 and Orange Theory Fitness concepts which are currently taking the world by storm.

Allied Health Assistants

As one of the fastest growing industries based on employment, the allied health sector is moving through a period of sustained expansion. Allied health refers to “a group of medically prescribed health care services, such as occupational therapy, speech pathology, and physical therapy,” defined by The American Heritage Medical Dictionary.

At the moment, there is high demand for individuals to become Allied Health Assistants, who support Allied Health professionals with looking after patients and other day-to-day duties.

Again, the main reason for this trend is the ageing baby boomer generation. As they head towards retirement, they demand greater allied healthcare and in rural/regional locations there is simply a shortage of these professionals. 

At Onfit Training College, we can help you gain the relevant skills and knowledge to explore a career in allied health this year.

Nutrition and Weight Management Practitioners

Due to a number of factors, Australia’s collective waistline continues to increase. AIHW figures suggest that close to two-thirds (63 per cent) of the adult population are either overweight or obese and these statistics show no signs of slowing down. For clients who are looking to make healthy changes in 2017, they will turn to personal trainers to guide them.

A focus on nutrition and healthy eating is critical moving forward.A focus on nutrition and healthy eating is critical moving forward.

Again, this trend was listed by the ACSM with exercise “a key component” to a proper weight loss program. If personal trainers have the skills to compile smart weight loss programs and exercise plans, there is a good chance that they can have a massive positive impact on their clients’ lives.

According to the Weight Loss Services in Australia Industry Report published by IBIS World, the fact that Australians are becoming more health conscious and have greater household discretionary income are also positive signs for employment in this sector.

Working with Onfit Training College in 2017

Onfit Training College has been operating for close to 10 years, building industry-leading online health and fitness courses. As well as the full list of courses available, 2017 will bring several new career pathways and courses to Onfit, that will continue to lead the way in the future of the health and fitness industry.

If you’re interested in any of the career paths listed above or have a particular end goal in mind, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today. We look forward to hearing from you!