Always Wanted To Start Your Own Personal Training Business? Here’s How To Get Started!


So you want to be a personal trainer?

That’s great: you’re going to be doing something you are passionate about, while helping others to a healthy life. You’ll be well paid, too.

The best-paid personal trainers are those who start their own personal training business. For many, doing so is a daunting prospect, though it’s really not much different from owning and running any other business.

If you follow the right process, then your own personal training business is only three steps away.

Step 1: Develop the required skills

The first step to owning a successful personal training business is to develop the skills required. You’ve clearly got the get-up-and-go needed (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) and are a keen exercise and fitness enthusiast. In order to move these attributes to the next level, you need to demonstrate your ability.

You need to develop leadership skills, because you’ll be looking to motivate and encourage clients to achieve their goals. You’ll also need to demonstrate that you care, and that you can be trusted to help deliver results.

Step 2: Become Qualified for your personal training business

A good personal training course will enable you to onboard all the skills you need to run a successful personal training business. For example, the OnFit Personal Training covers a whole range of personal training techniques and psychology (leading to Certificate IV in Fitness, required to become a personal trainer). It also provides you with real life business coaching, including:

  • running a personal training business
  • working with individuals and groups
  • how to make money renting gym space
  • finding your personal training business niche

Step 3: Create your business plan

Your business plan will provide the numbers behind your ideas, but also add flesh to the bones. It will look at areas such as:

  • Where will you practice: in a gym, your own studio, or at clients’ homes?
  • What is your specialisation?
  • Marketing your personal training business

Take the plunge and start your own personal training business

Once you’ve written your business plan, you’ll know exactly how much money you need to get started and how many clients you require to make your projected earnings. It may already be that you work as a personal trainer in a gym. Taking that next step may seem a bold move, but you have a great advantage: you already have your first client lined up (the gym you work for).

If you’re properly trained and qualified, and maintain an up-to-date knowledge through continual training, then there is only one thing stopping you from starting your own personal training business and becoming the success you deserve to be: that one thing is you!

Talk to OnFit, and we’ll help you with your dream of owning your own personal training business.