11 Easy Ways to Increase your Daily Activity

In today’s busy world, exercise is often seen as a secondary activity. People will prioritise their work and social lives over being physically active as we tend to make our decisions based on convenience. This attitude is slowly changing, as people begin to recognise the benefits of even small amounts of regular exercise, and allocating […]

Jo’s Motivational Thursday – Part 1

Welcome to Motivational Thursday! Over the next few weeks I will introduce you to some of the simple concepts of human thought processes and how you can use these to help yourself and those around you. Smile at every person you walk past – the gift you are sharing will make them feel better and costs you nothing (and the best part is it makes you feel better too!).

Stop The Body Drought

Water is the most important thing we put into our body!! You could live for 3 weeks without food, not a good idea!! But you could only live for 3 days without fluid, even worst idea!! Water makes up 2/3 of our bodies, brain cells are 80-90% fluid and muscle cells are 60-70% fluid.

Are You Being Served?

In the current age of modern technologies, we are fast losing touch with one very important aspect to business – Customer Service! Customer Service has the ability to affect your business in either a positive or negative manner dependant on the suitability and level you are providing to your clients. You yourself have experienced both negative and positive customer service, which one sticks in your mind more?