Get to know our tutors – Dan Darcy

Dan became an Onfit Tutor in 2015 and has been an instrumental part of the team ever since. As we look back to what Onfit has achievedin the last 10 years, the amazing team we have, who help support our students and are passionate about their success, is what we’re most proud of. So, we wanted […]

Get to know our tutors – Rob Gardener

Rob joined Onfit in 2013 and is part of our education team. If you’re an Onfit Student or Graduate, chances are our tutor Rob has helped you throughout your studies, so we thought it was about time you got to know more about him! We asked Rob to share more about his work, life & […]

Kira’s top tips for a long-lasting career in health and fitness

Our Career Advisor, Kira, joined the team in 2010, and has helped hundreds of students launch their careers in the health and fitness industry. With her vast experience as a career advisor, Kira shares her top tips for a long-lasting career in the health and fitness industry 1.  Engage with your passion We get tons […]

Gaining Credit For Your Previous Studies

Both RPL and RCC are great ways for interested people to increase their skill and knowledge sets and are both based on your worth within the industry. You may be eligible to gain credit for your fitness qualifications from previously completed studies.