What’s Been Trending in Fitness in 2022?

IMAGE - Fitness Trends

The last two years are evidence that the world is experiencing life-altering transitions, and the fitness industry is no exception! As we approach the mid-way point of this year, it’s a great time to take a step back and reflect on the current state of the Australian fitness industry – what notable trends we’ve seen […]

Graduate Feature – Joel Britton

Joel graduated with us in 2011, after studying his Certificate III & IV in Fitness. Over the last 7 years, Joel has built a successful business as a Personal Trainer and Club Manager and has learnt a lot along the way! Joel’s shared his journey and expert advice on what it takes to be a […]

Fitness Industry Review – The Biggest Fitness Trends of the Last 10 Years

From workouts by the beach to wearable fitness technology, there have been plenty of changes and trends that have occurred within the fitness industry since Onfit’s inception in 2008. Our Education Manager, Jeff, explores some of the ways the fitness industry has changed over the last 10 years and makes some predictions to where it might […]

Need a bit of help completing your course in fitness?! Onfit are here to help!

We at Onfit Training College want nothing more than to see our students achieve their goals of completing their course and starting a successful and rewarding career in the fitness industry. We realise that sometimes it is challenging to complete the course via distance education with all the distractions and commitments that every day life throws at you. Sometimes […]

What to look for in a Personal Trainer?

What should I look for in a Personal Trainer? After doing a quick survey around the office, we have come up with the top 3 aspects to look for when thinking of working with a Personal Trainer.

A story of hows

Jeffrey Cook, Online Fitness Lecturer and long time Fitness Industry leader, provides his insight for new graduates and for those who may simply be looking for work in all the wrong places.

How Can I Study?

When choosing the right study option, it is important to understand how you learn and what options are available to you from your chosen educational facility. At Online Fitness we offer various options to make sure that you can reach your goals and strive for your dreams in the best possible learning environment! Whether you like the classroom, sitting at home in your bunny slippers or a combination of both – we have you covered!

Your Questions Answered…

We get a lot of questions from our fabulous current and potential trainees! If you are thinking of beginning your education – take some time to read up on the most common queries we have experienced on training for the fitness industry! If you have any other questions that were not posted today, call us anytime on 1300 557 637 and we will gladly talk you through your education for the fitness industry! Come on – You will love it!

Food for Thought …

For every 50 hours of work you complete, Fitness Aust will grant you 1 CEC point. A maximum of 6 CEC points can be attained from working in the Fitness industry for re-registration.

What’s It All About?

Online Fitness specialises in providing Personal Trainers who are trained properly and industry ready. We are able to achieve this through our Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness. To maintain the high standard of course information and materials which Online Fitness is synonymous with, we are constantly updating our information to keep in accordance with the Fitness Industry Code of Conduct.