Motivational Story – Anna’s half marathon success!

Anna is a past year 5 student of Don Bacchi (OnFit Director). Don was a primary school teacher back in Canada when his own father was principal. Anna has stayed in touch with her inspirational teacher and is now inspiring Don, his family and everyone at OnFit Training College with her amazing stories of motivation and triumph. Read Anna’s story here…

Jo’s Motivational Thursday – Part 6

Jo’s last installment in her motivational series looks at the wasted energy involved in stress and worry. Wouldn’t it make more sense to save that energy for something you would enjoy or is more important?

Jo’s Motivational Thursday – Part 4

How do you set yourself up for success every time you set a goal? Success may not always be guarenteed every time you set a goal but what’s the point of setting a goal if you don’t believe from the start that you are going to achieve it?! Read through Jo’s weekly motivational series for expert advice.

Jo’s Motivational Thursday – Part 3

Goal setting is an important tool to staying focused on what you want to achieve whether it be in your fitness or training regime or in life in general. Jo’s expert advice on goal setting and motivation has helped many of her students in the past.

When thinking about something you are aiming to achieve ask yourself, why this is important to you?

Jo’s Motivational Thursday – Part 1

Welcome to Motivational Thursday! Over the next few weeks I will introduce you to some of the simple concepts of human thought processes and how you can use these to help yourself and those around you. Smile at every person you walk past – the gift you are sharing will make them feel better and costs you nothing (and the best part is it makes you feel better too!).