Seminar: PT Business Summit

Jeff Osbourne our Gold Coast lecturer will be presenting the PT Business Summit on August the 31st at the Milton campus, Level 6 of the PCYC in Suncorp Stadium, Milton. It is highly recommended to attend to learn about how to successfully market yourself as a Personal Trainer as effectively as possible to earn the highest income and level of success that you deserve!

Online Fitness College launching the Diploma of Fitness

Onfit Training College is excited to be able to offer a new Diploma of Fitness for those in the fitness industry wishing to further develop their skills, knowledge base and earning potential. Call the college for more information on how to enrol!

Jo’s Motivational Thursday – Part 1

Welcome to Motivational Thursday! Over the next few weeks I will introduce you to some of the simple concepts of human thought processes and how you can use these to help yourself and those around you. Smile at every person you walk past – the gift you are sharing will make them feel better and costs you nothing (and the best part is it makes you feel better too!).

Stop The Body Drought

Water is the most important thing we put into our body!! You could live for 3 weeks without food, not a good idea!! But you could only live for 3 days without fluid, even worst idea!! Water makes up 2/3 of our bodies, brain cells are 80-90% fluid and muscle cells are 60-70% fluid.

A story of hows

Jeffrey Cook, Online Fitness Lecturer and long time Fitness Industry leader, provides his insight for new graduates and for those who may simply be looking for work in all the wrong places.

How Can I Study?

When choosing the right study option, it is important to understand how you learn and what options are available to you from your chosen educational facility. At Online Fitness we offer various options to make sure that you can reach your goals and strive for your dreams in the best possible learning environment! Whether you like the classroom, sitting at home in your bunny slippers or a combination of both – we have you covered!

Your Questions Answered…

We get a lot of questions from our fabulous current and potential trainees! If you are thinking of beginning your education – take some time to read up on the most common queries we have experienced on training for the fitness industry! If you have any other questions that were not posted today, call us anytime on 1300 557 637 and we will gladly talk you through your education for the fitness industry! Come on – You will love it!

Are You Being Served?

In the current age of modern technologies, we are fast losing touch with one very important aspect to business – Customer Service! Customer Service has the ability to affect your business in either a positive or negative manner dependant on the suitability and level you are providing to your clients. You yourself have experienced both negative and positive customer service, which one sticks in your mind more?

There’s Something About Jo

I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand in the 1970’s however I do not like the cold and have never taken to skiing. In 2002 I decided to move to the Gold Coast of Australia in search of new opportunities and a warmer climate. Having lived in several areas of the Gold Coast I am now very much enjoying living in Palm Beach on the southern end of the coast.