What to look for in an Online Study Provider

Online study Health and Fitness Courses

What to look for in an Online Study Provider? The rate of growth in online learners has risen dramatically in the past decade and has continued to be a trend despite the world’s recovery post-pandemic. The benefits of online learning are abundantly obvious – it offers vital flexibility to continue learning and take control of […]

PCYC and Online Fitness working in synergy to help the community

PCYC together with Online Fitness College are working together and developing an educational program to provide nutritional training to its Indigenous Sport and Recreation Officers to aid in the delivery of programs in the indigenous and remote communities. This is an exciting time for Online Fitness College who truly believe in this project and the benefits it will bring to the community.

Your Questions Answered…

We get a lot of questions from our fabulous current and potential trainees! If you are thinking of beginning your education – take some time to read up on the most common queries we have experienced on training for the fitness industry! If you have any other questions that were not posted today, call us anytime on 1300 557 637 and we will gladly talk you through your education for the fitness industry! Come on – You will love it!