Graduate Feature – Joel Britton

Joel graduated with us in 2011, after studying his Certificate III & IV in Fitness. Over the last 7 years, Joel has built a successful business as a Personal Trainer and Club Manager and has learnt a lot along the way! Joel’s shared his journey and expert advice on what it takes to be a […]

Get to know our tutors – Dan Darcy

Dan became an Onfit Tutor in 2015 and has been an instrumental part of the team ever since. As we look back to what Onfit has achievedin the last 10 years, the amazing team we have, who help support our students and are passionate about their success, is what we’re most proud of. So, we wanted […]

Get to know our tutors – Rob Gardener

Rob joined Onfit in 2013 and is part of our education team. If you’re an Onfit Student or Graduate, chances are our tutor Rob has helped you throughout your studies, so we thought it was about time you got to know more about him! We asked Rob to share more about his work, life & […]

Fitness Industry Review – The Biggest Fitness Trends of the Last 10 Years

From workouts by the beach to wearable fitness technology, there have been plenty of changes and trends that have occurred within the fitness industry since Onfit’s inception in 2008. Our Education Manager, Jeff, explores some of the ways the fitness industry has changed over the last 10 years and makes some predictions to where it might […]

Most Inspiring Australian Fitness and Nutrition blogs

Ever need a mental boost to get you up and out of bed when you’re supposed to be at the gym? Everyone loses motivation at some point, but you can’t let that stop you from achieving what you set out to do. This is a collection of Aussie blogs that will educate, motivate and inspire […]

Work out of the month: CrossFit

What is it? CrossFit is a combination of strength training, power-style weight lifting, endurance and speed training. It is designed for universal scalability – everyone from housewives to professional athletes can take part. It is a workout that can be customised according to your individual capabilities and goals. Types of CrossFit exercises Powerlifts: bench press, […]

Seminar: PT Business Summit

Jeff Osbourne our Gold Coast lecturer will be presenting the PT Business Summit on August the 31st at the Milton campus, Level 6 of the PCYC in Suncorp Stadium, Milton. It is highly recommended to attend to learn about how to successfully market yourself as a Personal Trainer as effectively as possible to earn the highest income and level of success that you deserve!

Online Fitness College launching the Diploma of Fitness

Onfit Training College is excited to be able to offer a new Diploma of Fitness for those in the fitness industry wishing to further develop their skills, knowledge base and earning potential. Call the college for more information on how to enrol!

Stop The Body Drought

Water is the most important thing we put into our body!! You could live for 3 weeks without food, not a good idea!! But you could only live for 3 days without fluid, even worst idea!! Water makes up 2/3 of our bodies, brain cells are 80-90% fluid and muscle cells are 60-70% fluid.