11 Easy Ways to Increase your Daily Activity

In today’s busy world, exercise is often seen as a secondary activity. People will prioritise their work and social lives over being physically active as we tend to make our decisions based on convenience. This attitude is slowly changing, as people begin to recognise the benefits of even small amounts of regular exercise, and allocating […]

How Can I Study?

When choosing the right study option, it is important to understand how you learn and what options are available to you from your chosen educational facility. At Online Fitness we offer various options to make sure that you can reach your goals and strive for your dreams in the best possible learning environment! Whether you like the classroom, sitting at home in your bunny slippers or a combination of both – we have you covered!

What’s It All About?

Online Fitness specialises in providing Personal Trainers who are trained properly and industry ready. We are able to achieve this through our Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness. To maintain the high standard of course information and materials which Online Fitness is synonymous with, we are constantly updating our information to keep in accordance with the Fitness Industry Code of Conduct.

How Do You Learn?

Do you like reading? Or is writing more your forte? How about practical work? Each and every individual will have a preferred learning style.

Location, Location, Location

Welcome to our new location. Online Fitness is now conveniently located at the Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) in Milton. You may not know exactly where it is, however if we were to mention Lang Park or Suncorp Stadium…. We can hear the ‘ah’ from here. Our physical address is Castlemaine Street, Milton; a central location easily accessible by public transport (bus & train), car (on-street parking), and for the fit it’s a quick stroll/run/jog from the CBD.

Get the Edge on Future Employment

The most important thing about your CV is that it contains what they need to know and nothing more. A well constructed email address is essential, as well as a reliable source for the server in which your emails are kept. Find yourself a proven email server and have you first and last name separated by an underscore. mandy_loves_bubbly_after_dinner@hotmail.com does not get jobs.