Top Pilates Podcasts of 2024: Your Ultimate Listening Guide

The popularity of Pilates isn’t new, and neither is the quest to find fresh ways of engaging with this empowering form of exercise. With the rise of podcasts, Pilates enthusiasts have a world of knowledge at their fingertips. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just beginning your Pilates journey, tuning into these top Pilates podcasts of 2024 can transform your practice, offering insights, exercises, and inspiration directly to your ears. Below are some of the best podcasts that cater to anyone looking to enhance their health and wellness experience with Pilates.  


 1. The Curious Body by The Pilates Foundation

The Curious Body podcast, hosted by The Pilates Foundation, delves deep into the realm of Pilates and movement, offering a treasure trove of insights. Through engaging conversations with industry professionals, listeners can explore the multifaceted aspects of the Pilates practice. From dissecting foundational movements to discussing the latest trends, this podcast caters to those seeking a holistic and intellectually stimulating approach to their fitness journey. Tune in for a blend of expert interviews, thought-provoking discussions, and a wealth of Pilates wisdom to enhance your understanding and practice. 

  • Frequency: 2 episodes/month  
  • Average Length: Approximately 38 minutes 


2. Evidence-Based Pilates Podcast

If you’re the type who loves to delve into the intricacies of the ‘why’ behind the Pilates ‘how,’ look no further than the Evidence-Based Pilates Podcast. Host Adam McAtee, with his meticulous approach, expertly connects the dots between Pilates and scientific evidence, guaranteeing that each technique or assertion is firmly grounded in thorough research. This podcast is a treasure trove for the curious mind seeking to enhance the effectiveness and safety of their Pilates practice through evidence-based insights and knowledge. 

  • Frequency: 5 episodes/month  
  • Average Length: Around 43 minutes 


 3. Pilates Elephants

Pilates Elephants fearlessly delves into the significant and intriguing topics within the vibrant and ever-evolving Pilates industry. This engaging podcast fearlessly and confidently challenges prevalent myths and misconceptions, diligently dismantling them with a wealth of compelling evidence, insightful anecdotes, and logical reasoning. It stands out as an essential listen for individuals seeking not only a comprehensive understanding of their Pilates practice but also a deeper dive into the expansive and diverse world of dedicated Pilates enthusiasts. So, grab your mat, tune in, and embark on an enlightening journey through the world of Pilates with Pilates Elephants! 

  • Frequency: 2 episodes/week  
  • Average Length: A hefty 57 minutes 


 4. Pilates 101 Podcast by APPI

For an insightful and comprehensive guide covering all aspects of Pilates, look no further than the Pilates 101 Podcast by APPI. This engaging podcast serves as the ideal companion for both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Delving deep into the world of Pilates, it offers not only essential information but also addresses common queries that individuals embarking on their Pilates journey may encounter. Backed by a wealth of expertise and practical experience in every episode, this podcast stands out as a trustworthy and valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their Pilates practice. 

  • Frequency: 1 episode/week  
  • Average Length: Approximately 55 minutes 


 5. The Balanced Life

Balancing health, wellness, self-care, and juggling life’s myriad commitments can often seem like an insurmountable challenge in the hustle and bustle of modern living. However, finding harmony in these aspects is not only possible but can be transformative. The Balanced Life podcast, thoughtfully curated and led by the knowledgeable Robin Long, sets out to address this very issue. Through engaging discussions, Robin imparts invaluable insights on incorporating Pilates into your daily routine, creating a more holistic lifestyle that elevates every facet of your existence. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of Pilates or you’re a seasoned practitioner looking to enrich your journey, The Balanced Life provides practical guidance and wisdom across an array of wellness subjects, empowering you to cultivate a healthier, more balanced life. 

  • Frequency: Varies  
  • Average Length: About 39 minutes 


 6. Boundless Body Radio

Boundless Body Radio takes a holistic approach to health and fitness, with a particular interest in Pilates. If you’re someone who sees Pilates as one part of a larger picture of wellness, this podcast is for you. A rich source of information, the podcast interviews top professionals and explores various topics, offering a multifaceted view of Pilates and how it fits into a balanced lifestyle. Listeners can expect to gain insights into how Pilates complements other fitness disciplines, contributing to overall strength, flexibility, and mental resilience. The discussions on Boundless Body Radio often extend beyond Pilates, touching upon nutrition, mental health, and even sleep quality, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to lead a healthier, more integrated lifestyle. 

  • Frequency: Regular updates  
  • Average Length: 65 minutes 


 7. The Pilates Goddess Podcast

Hosted by the renowned Pilates instructor Lynda Lippin, The Pilates Goddess Podcast stands out as a treasure trove for individuals passionate about Pilates, fitness, and overall wellbeing. With a dedication to both inspire and educate, Lippin delves into insightful discussions and insightful interviews with experts in the field. If you seek a blend of motivation and enriching Pilates insights, tuning in to this podcast is a stellar choice for enhancing your wellness journey. 

  • Frequency: 2 episodes/month  
  • Average Length: 25 minutes 
8. Pilates Students’ Manual

Olivia, the dedicated host of the Pilates Students’ Manual podcast, is deeply committed to fostering a sense of community and knowledge-sharing among Pilates enthusiasts of all levels. With a passion for enhancing the Pilates journey, Olivia expertly crafts engaging solo episodes that not only educate but also inspire listeners. Her podcast serves as a welcoming sanctuary for those embarking on their Pilates journey or seeking to deepen their practice. Join Olivia on this enriching exploration of Pilates, where every episode is a treasure trove of wisdom and encouragement. 

  • Frequency: Regular updates  
  • Average Length: Swift 19 minutes 


Wrapping Up Our Journey Through Pilates Podcasts 

These podcasts aren’t just about monologues on the technical aspects of Pilates; they build communities, offer motivation, and strive to ensure that every minute you spend listening enriches your Pilates experience. With the 2024 line up offering this much diversity and quality content, it’s clear that Pilates podcasts are a crucial tool for anyone looking to transform their lives through movement and mindfulness. Regardless of where you are in your Pilates practice, the right podcast can be the perfect catalyst to propel you toward your health and wellness goals. 


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