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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of technology to create a simulated environment. Environments can include real life locations, like the Eiffel Tower or it can be a ‘created’ environment using animation. By using a VR Headset, you’re transported to this environment; where you’ll have a full 360 degree range of view, and have the ability to communicate and interact.

Our Virtual Classroom Tutorials

The ultimate resource to fast track your progress, our Tutorial Packages allow you to attend live tutorials with our experienced Tutors. Just book in your tutorial session, pop on your headset and you’ll be transported to your virtual classroom, in Virtual Reality. You’ll be able to ask questions & speak to your classmates, as you cover a range of fitness topics, designed to assist you with your accredited fitness studies*.

Our flexible tutorial schedule allows you to select the tutorial sessions when you’re ready and at the time that suits you. All sessions are run weekly and can be booked through our easy to use web app!

Benefits of Studying with Virtual Reality

Engaging VR Education


Put your VR headset on and be transported to your virtual classroom. Your Tutor will be there to guide you through your tutorial, can teleport to different locations and use tools like 360 videos and holograms to support your learning.

Onfit Virtual Reality Classroom


A truly immersive learning experience where you’ll feel like you are in an actual classroom. You can speak to your classmates, and make new study buddies from all over Australia.

Virtual Reality Flexible Education


No need to travel to your classroom, you can ask your Tutor questions, take notes and snapshots while in VR! With each tutorial available weekly, you can choose to attend when it suits you. Don’t want to attend a live tutorial? You can also choose to to watch a recorded session on your computer.

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Tutorial Topics & Outlines

You can choose to enrol in the Gym Instructor Tutorials and Personal Trainer Tutorials individually, or as a Package.

Tutorial Outline: Gym Instructor

Designed to accompany your accredited SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness studies, your Tutorials include 15 topics that relate to your studies and role as a Gym Instructor.

  1. Induction and legislation
  2. Directional and movement terminology
  3. Bone and Joint Anatomy
  4. Muscle Anatomy #1 – Upper Body Front
  5. Muscle Anatomy #2 – Lower Body
  6. Muscle actions,types and angle of pull
  7. Energy systems and muscle fibers
  8. Pre-exercise screening/health assessment
  9. SMART goals, goal assessment and setting
  10. Programming #1 – FITT principles and Exercise Database
  11. Programming #2 – Programming for beginner clients
  12. Programming #3 – Programming for intermediate clients
  13. Programming #4 – Programming for advanced clients
  14. Circuit Training and small group training
  15. Specific population considerations

Tutorial Outline: Personal Trainer

Designed to accompany your accredited SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness studies, your Tutorials include 15 topics that relate to your studies and role as a Personal Trainer.

  1. Business planning and running a successful business
  2. Bone markings and skeletal anatomy review
  3. Muscle contractions and neural control
  4. The cardiorespiratory system
  5. Biomechanics for human movement
  6. Advanced fitness testing
  7. Programming for personal training
  8. Spotting and client engagement techniques
  9. Using periodization in client plans
  10. Nutrition for personal training
  11. Understanding motivation for behavioral change
  12. Postural assessment and variations
  13. Screening for functional movement
  14. Exercise considerations for younger clients
  15. Exercise in outdoor environments

Frequently Asked Questions


Don’t worry, we understand this is new technology and are here to guide you through your first VR experience.


No, as part of your enrolment with Onfit Training College, you will receive a headset, sent directly to you and is yours to keep.


No, the Virtual Classroom Tutorials is an added option to your studies and is purely for your learning benefit.

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Tutorial packages are non-accredited, but are designed to accompany accredited courses: SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness & SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness