Providing you with an online course not just an online resource


The Onfit Difference

Our course is designed by Onfit’s own Research and Development team. Based on the simple premise that attention makes us receptive to learning, our team of experts uses the latest interactive technology to keep learners interested, engaged and attentive.

So not just reading online… but being educated online, that is a huge difference – The Onfit difference.

Holistic health fitness wellbeing
Holistic health fitness wellbeing

What is online education?

Online education allows you to have a consistent yet personal and supported learning experience. You’re able to complete your theory on a computer or iPad, and the practical assessment at a location convenient to you. We’re passionate about online education and committed to your learning experience, offering support and advice throughout your course.

The benefits of online education

Holistic health fitness wellbeing


Study at your own convenience, when and where you want. At home, at the library, you can even download the iPad App and study anywhere with no need for the internet.

Holistic health fitness wellbeing


Move through the course as quickly as you want. Take the time to learn and review concepts that are more in depth, and breeze through concepts that you grasp quickly. With most of your assessments you get your results instantly and because you don’t have to attend weekly classes, you can move through the course at your own pace.

Holistic health fitness wellbeing

Circle of Support

From the moment you enrol in an online fitness qualification with us you’ll have our ‘Circle of Support’ ready to guide you through your course! This includes our expert team of Tutors, as well as Career Advisors, Admin & IT support staff who are dedicated to helping you succeed. Our ‘Circle of Support’ program has been created after years of perfecting how best to look after and support our students.
Holistic health fitness wellbeing

Cost Effective

Much like online shopping, online education can offer you great value by saving on brick-and-mortar costs. We are able to give you a better quality course at a lower price giving you the best value.

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